Douglas Thomas

Douglas Thomas


Cello, guitar, vocals, bass, and percussion. We sing beautiful harmonies atop world folk inspired grooves, odd time signatures, and ear perking harmonies, reminicent of floyd, radiohead, and a bob dylan. We like an acoustic sound, but we keep an edge on it. Lyrics don't take a backseat. Hard & soft.


A pianist by trade, a closeted-guitar player, and an unsung songwriter (until now), Douglas Thomas is stepping out on his own as a solo voice after years of study, hibernation, and collaboration (former member of Eternity Void, temporary touring member of the DRX, keyboardist of the 21st Century Dreamtime Lions). For several years Douglas has been compiling original songs inspired by traditional and contemporary folk music from around the world; however, his formal training in classical, contemporary, and jazz music serves as his foundation.

Douglas studied piano performance with Elizabeth Keller (Philadelphia Piano Trio) and music composition with acclaimed composer John Carbon during his time at Franklin & Marshall College. Currently, Douglas holds a Musical Residency with Franklin & Marshall and a position as pianist at the Unitarian Universalist Church of Lancaster.

The upcoming EP, Trimmings, is a short self-released debut as a solo creative force that displays Douglas’ poingnant harmonic vocabulary, choral-style vocals, finger-style guitar, and growing interest in string arrangement. Pete Barnhart from Elemental Studios (40 Fingers, Dreamtime Lions, Burning Bus) in Lancaster is engineering the recording. This debut EP will serve to launch the second release, Gone to Seed.


Trimmings (debut EP)
Paulownia (single)
Gone to Seed (radio recording, WXPN, Philly)

Set List

1 hour set list, more if needed.

Hluchy Road
The Wolf
Mischief & Malice
The Greatest Deal In the World
Our Tribe
Gone to Seed