Doug Shea

Doug Shea

 Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA

Passionate music wrapped in real life situations asking honest and authentic questions and soul searching thoughts.


For Doug Shea, the passionate pursuit of music represents his life story, not merely the contents of a resume. The heart-stirring works he composes and produces have become a remarkably important part in the lives of all his devoted listeners, through remarkably diverse ventures on his own recordings showcased on radio, theater & stage, pod-casts, many albums and now film. Hitting the road hard with 200-250 dates a year and touring over hundreds of college campuses along with the club circuits. Performing with over 40 Major Label recording acts such as Nickelback, Creed, Buckcherry, Stained, Lifehouse, Saliva, 3 Doors Down, Soul Asylum, Fast Ball, Tonic, Sister Hazel and Bush to name a few. With over seventy-five songs written where a handful made the semi-finals of such great songwriting contests, ISC, JLSC, IMC as well as a half dozen others. His touring act won “The Yahoo best unsigned band in America” award out of 2500 bands nation wide. As well as the song “…and Together” slated to be the original Spiderman move theme, but was dropped at the last minute. Shea then, accepted a job as a music director for a non-denominational church, expanding his musical horizons with choirs, hymns, drama as well as a multitude of instruments spanning from classical to contemporary. After four years Shea decided to move on to a new church allowing him the freedom and creativity to grow, develop and fine-tune all aspects of music. Where he works still today. Soon after Shea felt the urge to leave the band and record a “solo” project and in 2009 the writing process began. Aarron Hill's love for music started at an early age playing piano and performing in various bands. Until at later age Aaron started to jam in a successful and popular south eastern Wisconsin “cover” band. In need of a skilled bassist to play on his “solo” record Doug was blown away by Aaron's skill and asked if he would perform on the album. After hearing the initial scratch track of the recording Hill agreed to help out. During the process of recording the bass tracks Shea explained to Hill the concept behind the album and the type of sound he was hoping to create. Almost a year later, Doug Shea and Aaron Hill have been working together on the upcoming album “The Elegy of Me.” Moving from a new sound slated to be called “Doug Shea” and to the birth of Shea Hill! WINTER 2010 SHEA HILL THE ELEGY OF ME...


And Mighty Is Your Name

Written By: Doug Shea

and Mighty is Your Name

It's amazing how you turned this life into love Just your presence in my heart is enough There's a comfort A peace in my soul Without you it's one I could never know

The Rock I Stand is my faith in your healing hands You are the epitome of all I aspire to be With the hope your bring there's freedom in your name Only your name

All glory from your throne, came to this world To tear the veil between you and my soul For me, for all of humanity You came, You came, You came to save...only you...

You swallowed the grave, You gave your life to save When all was lost, you took the cross and mighty is your name
(and) I will follow you, In you my heart is new You took my blame, then overcame and mighty is your name

Jesus you carried all the burden The king of kings and second chances Only through you Forgiven all that's due I humble all I am to you...

Hallelujah...My mighty King


The Elegy of Me

Set List

The Elegy of Me
Away Away...
Last Breath
Why I Haven't Given In
Shadow Looming Nightmare
That Old Familiar Whispering
Silently Calling Your Name
Little Gods That Breed