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Doug Sparks


My band is an odd combination of various LA area singers and musicians who normally would never work together. But the "odd" thing is also the "cool" thing, because you never how something is going to turn out.

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I Own This Time

Written By: Doug Sparks, Melanie Bomar, and Jennifer Nash

There was a time when I believed
these things just happened to me
The reason why is just a mystery

Some folks are meant to be great
The rest of us accept our fate
That's the way it's been throughout history

Now I don't need a fortune teller
to see the road in front of me

I own this time, I own this time
Only God and me
know who I'm supposed to be
The future is all mine
I own this time

Nothing I can dream that I can't do
It's all in reach if I'm ready to see it through
I have the key to my own destiny

If I move forward or fall behind
It's just a picture painted in my mind
With this brush I'll fill my own gallery

Now I don't need a would be prophet
to lift the veil so I can see




© Doug Sparks, Melanie Bomar and Jennifer Nash

Love Colored Glasses

Written By: Doug Sparks, Robert Curtis, and W.V. Malpede

My perfect picture of you
Was just an image
too good to be true

My friends couldn't make me see
You weren't the boy
you pretended to be

Then one by one
Each ugly truth
came into the light
Till the boy I thought I knew
was nowhere in sight

The love colored glasses are gone
Now my own two eyes
Can see right through your lies
The love colored glasses are gone
Now I'm watching you
There's nothing new you can do
so just go

Each vow you broke showed a trace
Of an empty heart
hiding its face

Still I didn't want to believe
You weren't the love
I wanted you to be

Then all at once
Right between the eyes
(I was) struck by reality
All the stars have faded away
so goodbye fantasy


Leave me alone
I've seen enough of the pain you bring
In my eyes you don't mean a thing


(C) Doug Sparks, Robert Curtis, and W.V. Malpede

One Wish

Written By: Doug Sparks and R.T.Kuhlmann

There's always one dream
to find a love that's true
I followed my heart
And found my way to you
But nothing I tried
Could save our romance
You needed your freedom
I need a new chance

If I only had one wish
(one wish) to spend
That wish would be for you to find
one love (one love) that will never end
So you’ll never have to say goodbye
If I only had one wish
One wish to share
That wish would be for you to find
(one love) someone to always be there
Always right by your side

There’s only one moon
There’s only one sun
We've only got one heart
To give to someone
There’s only one earth
and only one sky
There's only one reason
One reason to try


You’ve got a road ahead of you
Baby I’ve got mine
So what else can we do
Remember what we had
Was one of a kind


(C) Robert Thomas and Douglas Sparks 310-970-9153