Doug Spartz

Doug Spartz


Doug Spartz defied the odds with his 2007 release "The One Who's Leavin'". This independent singer/songwriter finished the year at #20 in R&R's list of all the 2007 Americana releases based on airplay. A prolific songwriter, he has the ability to perform in many genres.


Doug Spartz has spent four decades making music, from his early studio days in Minneapolis working as a studio musician, to his touring days with a variety group; but the latest stop on his musical journey has propelled this veteran singer/songwriter to a new level.

In 2006, he released “American Stories, Lies & Tales” to Americana radio and the result was a #61 finish of the top Americana albums released that year. From that album, “Name on the Wall”, penned with his producer Doug Deforest, rose to the top and garnered Spartz and invitation to perform on XM Radio live. Mainstream radio gravitated to the song and it was chosen as a pick on the nationally syndicated radio show, “After Midnite” with Blair Garner and also was Country Aircheck’s daily shaker for the most spins in a 24 hour period for a previously uncharted release.

His 2007 release, “The One Who’s Leavin’” came out in May and quickly climbed to #4 on the Americana chart, staying for seven weeks in the top 5, a rare feat for an independent offering. Americana radio again embraced the versatile musical styling of the project, with 20 cutes ranging from the country/rock sounds of “Pederson & Jesus”, to the bluegrass cut “Flight of Jesse James’, to the blues groove of “Tombstone Mansion” and the Triple A offering “All is Well”. Spartz penned eight of the songs and also included a Fred Eaglesmith tune “Time To Get a Gun” and the poignant “Lord He Left You” written by members of the Texas group American Graveyard. Dispersed among the original tunes were well chosen covers of the Jimmy Webb classic “Galveston” and a resurrection of the 1960’s David Bowie penned “All the Young Dudes”.

There isn’t a musical style this veteran singer/songwriter won’t tackle, but none are as effective as when he sits back and tells a story in his song. His raw, emotional deliveries have brought him a solid following among roots musical followers. But don’t try to pigeon-hole him into one musical genre. His recordings and performances to date have shown that he can deliver any style of song, switching from bluegrass, to Triple A, to blues, or to a flat-out rock groove. His ability to take a cover song and make it his own is unmatched, as evidenced by his treatment of several Bob Dylan songs, including cuts of “Forever Young” and “Ring Them Bells”.

Spartz is poised to begin an extensive tour schedule, in addition to releasing a new CD to radio. Following a year of health problems, he has been given the go ahead from his physicians and he is stronger and more driven then ever to take his music on the road. He will be doing a variety of shows, from smaller more intimate coffee house venues to large festivals. Joining Spartz along the road, will be a variety of musical guests including New York’s own Yarn, Midwest group Pat Bacon and the Rebellion, Texas artists Kevin Deal and Jay Boy Adams; and others to be announced.

Other highlights:

• Wrote the music for the musical production “Deer Camp”
• “Rising Star of the Year” by the Country Music Association of America
• “Novelty Song of the Year” for his single “Stayin’ Young is Getting Old”
• “Song of the Year” for “Colors and Numbers” (Airplay International)
• Nominated for Male Vocalist of the Year (Academy of Independent Recording Artists)
• American Eagle Award by the Country Music Association of America


2007-“The One Who’s Leavin’”

• Finished in #20 spot on R&R Magazine’s top Americana releases for 2007
• Peaked at #4 on R&R Magazine’s weekly Americana chart
• Remained in top 5 on R&R Magazine’s Americana chart for 7 weeks.
• One of only a few independent releases to achieve top 5 status on chart
• Song from CD “Flight of Jesse James” charts in Europe at #11

2006-“American Stories, Lies & Tales”

• Finished in #61 spot on R&R Magazine’s top American releases of 2006
• Peaked at #18 on R&R Magazine’s weekly Americana chart
• Song “Name on the Wall” chosen as Country Aircheck Daily Shaker for the most increase in spins for 24 hour period
• “Name On the Wall” charts on Billboard daily country chart at #66
• “Name On the Wall” chosen as hot pick on nationally syndicated radio show “After Midnite” with Blair Garner in September 2006
• “Name On the Wall” retired as Bunkhouse Brawl champion on KIIM FM, Tucson, AZ in January 2007
• Spartz receives invitation to do special XM Live show in July 2006

Other notable releases:
• “Legacy” slated to be released in 2008-this multi-CD package will contain 21 of Spartz’ album releases over the past 20 years.
• "Stayin' Young is Getting Old" (single) 1995
• “Colors & Numbers” (single) 1994
• “Breakaway” (single) 1994
• 36 other projects from 1962-1985-all the way back to 1963’s “Come On Pretty Girl”

Set List

The sets will vary depending on the size of the venue. Some of the groups that work with Doug on the road include Pat Bacon and Bacon’s Rebelion Yarn and the "Cutting Crew".

A typical set for a larger venue show would be as follows (based on 50 minute show/20 intermission/50 minute show):

Band alone-6 songs

Doug Spartz
• Waters ‘Bout As High
• Flight of Jesse James
• Desparados Waiting For A Train
• Risky World
• Name On The Wall
• Pederson & Jesus
• Let the Mystery Be


Band alone-4 songs

Doug Spartz
• All isWell
• Old Jack Morgan
• North Country Blues
• One In a Row
• #29 (The Rocket)
• Harlon County
• The Weight
• Forever Young