Doug Stuck

Doug Stuck


Doug Stuck has a great acoustic rock sound with powerful lyrics that express a Biblical principal and lead people into worship. Doug has a heart to see the church become all that God has called it to be, and fulfill all of it's potential to have a positive affect on the world.


My name is Doug Stuck. I have been involved in worship leading for about 12 years. I was a youth leader for 10 years, where I did a lot of teaching, worship leading, and played in the youth band. I have been involved with other churches as well, leading small group meetings, retreats, and some Sunday services. For many years I had in mind to write songs, but it wasn't until recently that I actually gave it a shot. I had a lot of positive response, so I continued to write. When I had written enough songs for a CD I contacted a producer and now my first CD is well underway. I consider songwriting to be a strength for me. I have an acoustic rock style and lyrics that convey clearly, and powerfully what I'm trying to say. I have two goals when I write. One is to lead people into worship and the other is to express a Biblical principle. "Love Is" expresses a Biblical perspective of love and "One Body" expresses the importance of unity in the body of Christ and also leads people into worship. Both of these songs can be hear at I pray that many people will benefit from the music God has given me.


One Body

Written By: Doug Stuck

I am weak and I am strong, just like my sisters and my brothers
Sometimes I feel like I belong, sometimes I need the strength of others
A people divided we fall
An army united we stand

We are one body, we are one in Christ
Let us come together and be unified
We are moving forward, no one left behind
Pressing on in love to the finish line

You don’t have to be afraid, if you feel like you have fallen
I will restore your good name, the Blood of Jesus cleanses all sin
A people divided we fall
An army united we stand

Jesus, we worship you
Jesus, our king
-repeat 2x

Love Is

Written By: Doug Stuck

Some say that love is a feeling, just follow your heart and you’ll be alright
But I believe it’s more than a feeling, and I’ve found that my heart, sometimes it lies
Love is more than physical attraction,
More than helping those that you know will pay you back someday, yeah
Love is more than just an emotion
It’s a will (it’s a will) from the heart (from the heart)
And where there’s a will there’s a way

Love is patient, love is kind
Love is a choice made on the inside
Love is forever, love is for all time
Love pursues ‘till it captures the heart and the mind

I’ve heard it said love is blind, it looks past the dirt and all the things that we try to hide
But I say love is perfect vision it sees the good and the bad and stays when we wonder why, yeah
I’m so thankful that love came and found me, gave me a course and put the wind in my sails
On this journey this knowledge surrounds me
There is hope (there is hope) there is love (there is love)
And love never fails

I know a man who died on a cross, He chose to love no matter what the cost
He came to live and to give His life away, He came to show us a better way
He chose to love (He chose to love) 2X
I choose to love (I choose to love) 2X
He chose to love (He chose to love) 2x
I choose to love


I have 2 songs posted at
My 1st EP will be released this summer. is under construction.

Set List

Original songs:

Alive In Me
Love Is
Only You
One Body
Psalms 18
So Beautiful
Running To You
Come On Home
The Skies

I have done 20 minute sets, and I have done two 40 minute sets in one evening. I generally mix in my original songs with cover songs by artists such as Jeremy Camp, David Crowder, Chris Tomlin, Third Day, Jars of Clay, Casting Crowns, Charlie Hall, Todd Agnew, Lincoln Brewster, etc.