Doug Wisler

Doug Wisler

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This is ultimate beautiful relaxation music. Individuals, Massage therapists, medical offices and restaurants have used this original piano CD to the unanimous effect of creating a relaxing mood. In a Contemporary Classical or New Age style is moving and inspiring.


Doug started formal piano lessons at age seven and took up the (notorious) accordion in high school. A major in music education at San Jose State College necessitated a return to classical piano (in 1957). He developed a strong liking for impressionistic and 20th Century classical music. He feels influenced particularly by Ravel, Chopin, Rachmaninoff, plus the early New Age artists, such as George Winston. After a BA and graduate work, he then taught public school music and private piano lesson for years. Only after leaving school teaching did he discover and develop his own individual improvisatory style. Finally, with the encouragement of family and the creative impulse coming yet more alive, he recorded his first CD, "Pleasant Dreams and Faraway Places", in 1999, at the Dave Austin Studio in San Francisco. Doug has just moved to Dallas, where he is performing.

Difficult to pigeonhole, Doug's music could be called "Contemporary Improvised Classical", or perhaps "Classical New Age". But the music will define itself better than any name.

"I recorded this music live in real time with no post studio editing of the sound. Played on a 7 foot Steinway, it was not composed formally, but is completely improvised, and offer the listener the sounds of spontaneous music making.

I value the creation of life moment by moment, just as we live it day by day. While I sometimes wish I had the power to hold old conversations once again to improve on them, we all know that can't be done, movie plots to the contrary. But the other side of that coin is that particularly inspired moments can be created, and to capture those AND to be able to recreate them again and again for other is the miracle of recording that the old masters of improvisation like Bach and Beethoven did not have. Thus, to our disadvantage you only hear their written-down works (as beautiful as they are).

I hope to give the listener unique experiences - fresh and immediate creations - one-time-only performances - never played the same way again. I think the highest aesthetic results are possible if the door is left open to pull forth one's inner potential in this manner.

This music was accomplished with unpredictable but appropriate changes which came out of ever changing emotional, physical and artistic impulses. It is my purpose to express myself in a way quite different from the norm and with qualities that exceed the results of music set in concrete in advance. I hope this will result in unique and beautiful musical experiences.

While I felt much of my music was quiet and peaceful, I was surprised to find the word "relaxing" come up unsolicited with almost everyone who heard the CD. Massage therapists have used it to great success, while others have said they used it to calm themselves down after a stressful day.

As each new season comes, my music evolves in style, form, and technique, taking the next step towards the ideal of complete communication with and emotional transformation of my audience."


Coming Out of the Clouds

Written By: Doug Wisler

Instrumental - Solo Piano


CDs: "Islands in the clouds"
"Pleasant Dreams and Faraway Places"

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