Strong melodies and hooks combine to create radio friendly songs that are the core of Rob Dova’s debut CD. Always the hard working performer, the combination of great songs combined with high energy, and emotion, deliver a powerful live performance, and experience you won't soon forget.


Based in New York City the Rob Dova story is one of tragedy turned into triumph. A story about chasing your dreams no matter what the cost.

Rob was, and is a top-flight bass player (endorsed by Fodera) who was playing for fun with bands in the NY area while enjoying a successful career as a lawyer/business man.

Everything changed when Rob's mother suddenly became ill, and was diagnosed with lung cancer. His mother unfortunately got worse passing soon after. This event changed Rob's path in life forever. In his mothers last few days she begged Rob to look deep inside, and to follow his heart, as well as his dreams.

Rob took to heart what his mother said, and started to write songs as a way of expressing the myriad of emotions he was experiencing. One after another the songs poured out of him, as they never had before, not only as a bass player, but now also as a singer/songwiter.

Rob found inside of himself a voice that he never knew existed. One song turned into ten, which soon turned into over 100 songs that Rob had written in the next several months.

These songs became the launching pad, and eventually the foundation of the band Rob Dova.

Rob decided to pursue his dream of Rock N Roll stardom full time regardless of the risk, and gave up his successful legal/business career. Rob put a band of like minded musicians together with one goal in mind; to create great music, and to be the hardest working band out there.

Rob is currently recording his new CD with producer Peter Zizzo(Avril Lavigne, Vanessa Carlton, Celine Dion)

From the picture on the cover, you might suspect this is just another pretty-boy bassist with a groovy symbol for his initials, but the music quickly dispels that notion. Rob Dova provides an interesting blend of songs and styles that should easily find a home on mainstream radio - NY

"Hardest Working Rocker in NYC!!!" - W3 entertainment, Metrosearch

"Rob possesses the passion and drive to make it in the industry. His work ethic in marketing himself and, most importantly, his music will open many doors. Ben Ramsour- Sonicbids

Opened For:

Bon Jovi
Collective Soul
Jesse McCartney
Hilary Duff
Kelly Clarkson
The Click 5
Fefe Dobson
Teddy Geiger
Katherine McPhee


Don't Say Goodbye

Written By: Rob Dova

Been awhile since I had cared for anyone
The thought of you in my life had made me scared
So afraid you’d hurt me once I let you in
Nothing ventured, nothing gained

Help me now I’m in too deep
No turning back I’m on my way
I’m incomplete without you

Don’t ever want to leave you
Don’t want to say goodbye
Don’t break my heart in two
Or make me cry

I had a picture of what life was going to be
No idea that it would turn out this way
Just to think I almost gave up and quit
But there you were and here I am

My life was filled with emptiness and pain
I didn’t want to love anymore
I didn’t want to love no more
And now I’m faced with your love’s embrace
Don’t let me down
I’m going to try to love again

You' re Gone

Written By: Rob Dova

Can’t Believe your Gone

Tell me why I can’t put all my pieces into place
I really tried to make sense of it all

Even Now I won’t look back
My wounds still run deep
No longer numb but full of fear

Of what tomorrow will bring
I can’t believe your gone
Come back to me

Tell me why I always have to give myself the blame.
I don’t know how to make sense of this world
Even Now I won’t look back
My wounds still run deep
No longer numb but full of fear

Of what tomorrow will bring
I can’t believe your gone
Come back to me

You’ll always be the world to me
That will never change no.
Ill be waiting for you always forever and ever

Wrong Side of ur bed

Written By: Zizzo/Dova

I cant take it back
Please just let it go
how did we do it again
Cant believe we keep going through it again

Words come flying out
Now Im spinning round
This time I drove you away
Wanna say the faults mine
But it may be too late

Now that ur up and gone
Im right where I don’t belong

I m on the wrong side of your bed
Last night we were still in love
Oh like a bomb inside my head
Wish I was dead asleep Still
Wont you come Wake me up

I Cant understand
Howd we lose our way

No trust when were out of control
When the fog lifts up and ur no where to hold

Love like ours should last
But it goes so wrong so fast

Burns slow and so in my mind
Is it time borrowed are we on the line?

I want out of this pain
Youre better at this game

I wish I was cold
I was half as mean as u seem to think I am
Silent and strong
Wish I had half the heart I really do
Half the heart I feel for you

I want out of this pain….


Rob Dova (Self titled debut EP)

Set List

Wrong Side of your Bed
Forever and a Day
Can't Have you
Don't Say Goodbye
You're Gone