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1) 1995 "Sister"
2) 1997 "Devil came to me"
3) 1999 "Late al night"
4) 2001 "I Was Dead For Seven Weeks In The City Of Angels"
5) 2003 "The Flame"
6) 2006 "Follow the city lights"
7) 2007 "2"

2002 "It’s good to be me", EP.
2003 "DOVER: 1993-2003", DVD.



This emblem of Spanish rock was formed fifteen years ago, during which they released six albums that have sold more than one million copies worldwide, with tracks that continue to be extant. Dover’s first five records marked an era due to their vigorous, hard and contemporary manner of understanding rock. Their last album, Follow the City Lights, marked a change in the line of the Madrid band as they ventured into the sphere of electronics, maintaining the same spirit and quality they possessed when they came to be in 1992. The release of “2” is a journey through the best of Dover’s music, since their beginnings until today, however it is more than a simple compilation of greatest hits; it is a creative journey through songs that have marked the key of their entire career.

The double CD “2” offers 25 tracks that recreate and update the works of Dover. It contains all their greatest hits, the singles of five of their first albums that are now being released in their digitally remastered version so that their sound is colossal, with those guitars that characterize Dover and that seem to have come out of a twenty-year old Phil Spector walls of sound, accompanied by the unequalled voice of Cristina Llanos. However, the story does not end here, because for the album, Dover recorded a new track, Soldier, which was first released as a single. “We made it at the end of the summer. After a greatest hits album, it is hard to compose, but we felt inspired and it came out quickly. It is a very dance song with a highly intense melody, very pop”, says Amparo Llanos. Moreover, “2” offers five tracks from their first period (Serenade, DJ, Cherry Lee, King George and Devil Came to Me) newly recorded following the new more electronic trend of their latest album. “We re-recorded them because we wanted them to sound like the music we are currently exploring and we are happy with the result”, explained Amparo, and to top it all, all the singles of their last album, Follow The City Lights and a remix “2”, Dover come out with the best of their career and as though it were the beginning.

CD-1 contains fourteen of the most significant tracks of the five albums released between 1997 and 2003, in digitally remastered versions: Serenade, Loli Jackson, Devil Came To Me y Judas (extracted from Devil Came To Me, released in 1997), Cherry Lee, DJ, Flashback, The Hitter and Far (from Late at Night, released in 1999), King George, The Weak Hour Of The Rooster and Better Day (from I Was Dead For 7 Weeks in the City of Angels, released in 2001) and The Flame and Mi sombrero (from The Flame, of 2003). All the songs were composed by Amparo Llanos and Cristina Llanos and were originally recorded at Infinity Studios (Madrid), Robert Lang Studios (Seattle, United States), Grand Master Recorders (Los Angeles, United States) and PKO Studios (Madrid).
CD-2 offers 11 tracks: the unreleased Soldier; the new recordings of Serenade, DJ (Push It), Cherry Lee, King George and Devil Came To Me, and those from their latest album (Let Me Out, Keep On Moving, Do Ya, Tonight) plus the remastered version of Let Me Out (Spam Remix).

Unreleased songs, new recordings of their basic hits, the collection of remastered singles, the best of the latest album, remixes… There is nothing in “2” that sounds old, because it is an exercise of nostalgia. It is Dover today and updated, showing the restless spirit of a band that has been non-conforming, creative and venturesome since its beginnings. These beginnings go back three decades in a rehearsal studio in a village-town on the outskirts of Madrid.

Dover was formed on October 4th, 1992 with Amparo and Cristina Llanos leading the band and with the band’s name “lent” to them by their mother’s shop in Majadahonda (Madrid). Under the influence of Nirvana, R.E.M. and other groups from the alternative North American scene, the band then formed by Amparo Llanos (guitar and vocals), Cristina Llanos (vocals and guitar), Jesús Antúnez (drums) and Álvaro Díez (bass guitar) released their first album, Sister in 1995, with a small independent company and produced by Amparo Llanos. In 1997, they released their second album, Devil Came to Me, which situated Dover as the most important new alternative Spanish rock band. Tracks such as Serenade, Loli Jackson, Devil Came to Me or Judas convinced critics and fans that consider Dover as the best band on the independent scene. With this second album, the band was awarded its first Gold Record award in September 1997, after which it achieved five Platinum Records, won the Premio Ondas for the Best New Group and packed its concerts during a long tour. Converted into the first best selling group in the history of independent Spanish music, Dover crossed borders and Devil Came to Me was released in Germany, France, Italy, Holland, Greece and Portugal, among other countries.

In the last days of the summer of 1998, Dover signed a contract with EMI Chrysalis; it created its own