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Kirkland, Washington, United States

Kirkland, Washington, United States
Band Rock Punk




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Formed in 2009 Kirkland, WA by friends and co-workers, Daryl Knutson (rhythm guitar), Bob Collette (lead vocals), and Taylor Harrison (drums), as a hobby side project. All 3 had limited experience playing music by themselves let alone other people but they soon found they all had incredible talents.

The very first recording of the trio included Daryl on bass guitar, Taylor on rhythm guitar, and Bob on vocals/drums. As this was the initial formation of the group they soon started jumping to and from instruments depending on how they felt that day. Until one day they all realized that Taylor was a far better drummer than the rest.

With Taylor cemented as a solid drummer Bob picked up the guitar. Daryl also found himself more incline to play guitar. Taylor still had the itch to play guitar so Daryl, who originally played bass and then moved to guitar was now featured as a drummer on 2 of their first original recordings as a group.

A couple short months after starting, Daryl was approached by his father in-law who's co-worker was apparently a fantastic guitarist. That man was Jimmy Martin. Jimmy came by and wowed the group with his skills. He was instantly a hit and came on as the groups 4th member and lead guitarist.

Soon the group sought to find a bassist. Where else to look than craigslist? Daryl replied to an add by current bassist of the local Seattle band 93 Octane. Keith Kelly came by and along the same lines as Jimmy wowed them with his amazing bass playing.

Unfortunately Jimmy hit hard times and dropped out of the band shortly before the band was to play their first gig. Daryl took over rhythm and lead duties and played the show with out him. After the show the band took a hiatus and eventually split.

Keith and Daryl tried to start their own group but it never got of the ground as finding reliable members became too daunting a task and eventually Keith joined 93 Octane.

Daryl, Taylor, and Bob regrouped and started playing again this time with new bassist Matt Sisco. The progress seemed good and only got better when Jimmy came back into the band. Unfortunately history repeated itself and Jimmy fell out before the band was set to play its 1st gig with the new bassist. Again Daryl took over lead duties for the show. The band didn't let up this time though, they got back at it creating new music and playing gigs.

3rd times a charm as Jimmy eventually came back for good and the 5 finally chose the name Down2None. The band continues to create new music and play shows. These 5 guys have shown an uncanny creative ability as a group. It's incredible just how easy it is to make a great song.