tha havknotz

tha havknotz

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We make the kind of music for the partylovin goodtime having hip hop crowd. It's called down and dirty music. We also have songs that hit home. Deep reality based tunes that the average person white or black can feel. We can rock just about any crowd with our high energy stage shows.


The concept of Tha HavKnotz started in 2004 when two lifetime friends Slim Diesel and Jonny Wu
we were tired of all the "bling bling" and watered down flavor in rap music. "We decieded to create our own brand of hip hop. We called it down and dirty music. With a computer a couple programs and a stage mic for the next year they would get beats via e-mail and record them in a small room of an apartment. Mind you the reason they recorded this way was because both of them were down on there luck with very limited incomes. "I lost my job and there was'nt shit out there but the streets, but we keept focused and new our day would come sooner or later."Says slim. Early 2006 they got their hands on a condenser microphone and things begain to roll. "Once we got that mic we could record without hearing pops and clicks in our vocals. We got better speakers and better beats, it was on!" They began to record songs almost on a daily basis with another longtime friend producing. But that would'nt last long." We had a falling out." Says slim. "He ended up going back down south to do his own thing." With things looking to be over as they had just begun Tha HavKnotz had to regroup. "The group was still really new, we was broke and know one believed enough in us to hook us up". Adds Wu. " We got a little help from slim's brother Tactics. He sent us some programs and Slim started to produce shit himself." Over the next 6 months they would add Slim's cousin Sysco leone to the group, release an EP, hire a DJ and feel confident enough to plan their first show as a group."We had the club we were going perform at, 5000 flyers printed up, hours of rehersel invested in this show and 6 days before the concert the owner of the club told us he chaged his mind because some officers had found some of our flyers. The name of the event was called get drunk our die tryin'...I don't think they liked that." Once again faced with another obsticle, Tha HavKnotz had to make another choice either give up or fight. "There is no choice we gotta fight." Says Slim." I found us another spot within 12 hours without any pull or any money. Just a promise that we would pack the house." and thats what they did. "We reprinted oldschool paper flyers and gave them to friends and family told every we new via myspace and word of mouth that we had moved location. It was successful!" Thats the attitude of Tha Havknotz never quit or give up. Keep on pushing till you can't push anymore. In 2007 they would go on to have 3 more shows promoted by themselfs, a record release party and 2 speicial guest gigs all drawning hundreds of fans."We gotta keep it movin'. We wanna do it real big in 2008. We down and dirty 4-life!"

Down and Dirty Entertainment
Contact Slim @ 586-420-0802 or HavKnotz


Down and Dirty Brothaz EP 2007.
Down and Dirty 4-life LP 2008.

Set List

On tha low
get drunk or die tryin'
tha rythem
drunk dick
somthin strange
I'll put that on my brim
when we roll
like a HavKnot
rich without being rich
after tha fact
down and dirty 4-life.
Our sets can range between 20mins and an hour.