take the best of the best put those together and you have Downbreak


Formed shortly before Y2K Downbreak has been on a path of tonal destruction for several years and has never looked back. From the soothing to screaming voice range of Jarret hodge to the pummeling drums of Tony harp and the melodic grooving guitars of Gene Rice and Shaun Blanton this one band you dont want to miss out on. combining all of their influences from machine head, down, led zeppelin and even avenged sevenfold to get their sounds the band takes it from zero to sixty in .02 seconds. the band has several east coast tours under their belt and have opened for high on fire, goatwhore and ministry. this is one live show you do not want to miss.


2002 demo
2003 full length "Pure Aggression"
2005 demo
2007 demo
2008 full length (coming soon)

Set List

confined heresy
destined to fail
thin line
encore of hate
alter ego
with out conscience
sinister crisis
broken mirror
stone cold heart