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Down By The Docks

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Welcome to Down By The Docks where the land, sea and air meet. We're similar to Sesame Street, The Wiggles in our performances as we use people and puppets to put on an entertaining and educational show for children 7 years old and under. You'll have claws of fun Down By The Docks


On The Back Porch releases their 1st CD!

Leroy The Lobster and his friends are proud to annouce the new CD created by Daryl of Down By The Docks and Crystal of Rainbow Express is now available. This new CD came out of the TV pilot called "On The Back Porch" being produced by talking lobster productions the company that created Down By The Docks.
On The Back Porch's first CD called "Tales Tall & True" features many cool stories and lobstertastic songs that are based on factual or folklore history.
So come on out back where the stories will be told about creatures, money, ships and folk heroes. There are songs and stories about whose pictures are on the Canadian 5 and 10 dollar bills, how a young Kate Shelley saved a train from disaster or even a horse who swam miles to get home! There's much more to enjoy On The Back Porch, come an join us today!


CDs - On The Back Porch
Tales Tall & True (2011)

CDs - Down By The Docks
Lobster Daze (2001)
Mixuppame (2002)
Nothing To Do (2004)
Ride Along, Sing Along (2006) (2007 ECMA nominated)
Lobstertastic (2009)

Radio Two
The Radio Show (Finalist for a 2006 Children's Music Web Award)
Visits The Library
The Travel Show

Set List

Down By The docks concerts are written to a theme. For 45 minutes to an hour, the crew will take their audience on an adventure complete with songs, stories and jokes.

New shows for 2012:
On The Back Porch - Tales Tall & True

Past Shows include:

Splash Into Fun
Reach For The Sky
Jungle Safari
Around The World
The Art of Sound
Mystery of the Missing Book
Laugh With Leroy
Sail Through Time
Nature Sings
3,2,1 Blast Off