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""Down by the Docks" @ la Bibliothèque publique de Moncton"

Les enfants âgés de 4 ans et plus sont invités à la Bibliothèque publique de Moncton pour écouter la musique du groupe Down by the Docks le jeudi 30 juillet à 14 h. Ce spectacle se déroulera en anglais.

Down by the Docks a été mis en nomination aux East Coast Music Awards. Le groupe est aussi la vedette d’une émission de télévision. Ce concert qui promet d’être plein d’énergie met en vedette plusieurs personnages plein de vie dont Leroy le homard.

Ce programme est gratuit, mais il est nécessaire de s’inscrire à partir du 23 juillet en composant le 869-6036 ou en visitant la bibliothèque au 644, rue Main durant les heures d’ouverture: du mardi au jeudi de 9 h à 20 h30 et le lundi et le vendredi de 9 h à 17 h. - L'Etoile

"Down By the Docks: Sounds of Art"

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The Atholville Public Library and Campbellton Centennial Library hosted 'Down By the Docks: Sounds of Art' on Tuesday evening, July 28. This free event included a light supper and an engaging performance by Leroy the Lobster. Close to 100 participants enjoyed the event. Here Daryl Robb performs with his daughter Shantelle Robb. - Campbellton Tribune

"Summer Reading Program at the Library"

Summer Reading Program at the library

Tracy Dermott
Tuesday June 24, 2008

The Cold Lake Public Library is going to be a great place to keep busy this summer.
Both branches are offering a number of programs to help keep kids entertained and learning during their summer break.
To start off, there is the Summer Reading Program. Meant for kids ages three to students in Grade 6, this program challenges kids to keep a log of how much reading they do over the summer, with prizes to be given out at the end.
"They keep track of their reading all summer," explained Tanya Boudreau of the Harbour View Branch. "The more they read, the better chance they have of winning. We don’t go by the number of books read, but instead the amount of time they spend reading."
This is how preschool kids can get in on the fun -- parents keep track of how much they are reading to their little ones.

Sponsored by TD Bank and Friends of the Cold Lake Library, prizes include movie tickets, toys and books.
But not only can kids win individual prizes, they can help win prizes for their schools too.
"The top three schools with the most students reading in the program will get a donation for their libraries," Boudreau explained.
But there are more than just books to the library this summer. It is also offering programs for kids ages five to 12.
"We have a Lego competition, spelling bee, beekeeper and, back by popular demand, Daryl Robb and Leroy the Lobster," Boudreau said. "It’s a good family show. It entertains kids with puppets and songs."
There will art lessons with local artist Lauri Ansell, a stone and gems program with Allan Livingstone of Livingstone Art and Gem and much more.
All programs are free.
For more information, contact the Grand Centre branch at 594-5101 or the Harbour View branch at 639-3967. - Cold Lake Sun

"National Education Week"

Tuesday, November 29, 2005
Schools throughout the Cayman Islands celebrated National Education week, with the theme, ‘Destination Reading-All Aboard.’ The focus was on literary-based projects, and included poster making, poetry competitions, and, of course, book reading.

The week culminated in Reading Day, on Friday, 25 November, a day focused especially on reading.

This annual event brought together government and private schools as well as supporters from the corporate community.

Teacher Appreciation Week was also observed at the same time and schools, students, parents and especially PTAs were encouraged to recognize and express their appreciation for teachers.

Another literacy highlight of National Education Week were the finals of the Junior and Secondary Schools’ Spelling Bee, which were both held at the Mary Miller Hall.

George Town Primary School celebrated Reading Day, the Grand Finale of their Education Week activities, with a wide range of reading-related events, and a number of the students dressed up in the costumes from storybooks, during assembly in the school hall.

Canadian Storyteller Darryl Robb, who had been recommended to National Education Week Coordinator, Gloria Pollard, had an extremely busy week as he managed to tell stories at all the primary schools on Grand Cayman, which worked out at four schools a day.

His energetic performance consisted of telling stories through song, as he accompanied himself on the guitar, as his daughter, Shantelle, who played the part of a huge lobster, assisted him.

During National Education Week, John Cumber, George Town Primary, and Savannah Primary School, took part in Battle of the Books, where the students formed teams who were then quizzed on the books they had been reading.

John Cumber also held a pajama party where they dressed in pajamas for a special reading evening.

St Ignatius School had a photo contest called ‘Get Caught Reading,’ when they were given disposable cameras, and prizes were given for the most original picture.

Education Week ended with a Book Fair at the Mary Miller Hall, on Saturday. All the schools had exhibits and held activities in the hall, including a song competition.
- Cayman Net News

"Leroy The Lobster visits Myrnam Library"

Tuesday July 22, 2008
Shelly Straty

Do you know Leroy The Lobster? Well, kids in Myrnam do! They were introduced to Leroy at the 'Laugh with Leroy' concert sponsored by Northern Lights Library System which brought Down By The Docks to Myrnam on Thursday July 16th. With cast members Leroy The Lobster and Nanny (puppeteer - Shantelle Robb) Lulu (Julie Holterman) and Daryl (Daryl Robb), the three kept the kids in giggles and hiccups for 45 minutes. The main idea is for lots of smiles, lots of fun and still involvement and activity.
Daryl plays the guitar, sings his own songs along with Lulu and of course - Leroy who continually tries to get a pie thrown into Daryl's face but never happens. The kids get involved in the event by dancing, singing along and telling jokes on 'Joke Break' which happens alot!! On the Thursday in Myrnam, fourteen kids enjoyed the show with six parents and yes, the parents got up and danced too! The laughter was contagious and some of the kokes by the kids were:
Knock Knock! Who's there? Dishes. Dishes who? Dishes the RCMP1 open up! (Nathan Colford)
What's invisible and smells like worms?? Bird farts!! (Julie Phillips)
The kids had tons of jokes and Daryl and Lulu did too! They will be having a concert in Two Hills in the upcoming week and it's great fun for the kids! Make a note to find out when and where and make sure you attend!!
If you are interested in the TV shows that they also have, check out their website at for the shows and for more information on the whole concept. It's got games, coloring and much more plus you can be introduced to the rest of the crew (both puppets and nannies and such!) There is even a vote going on so if your kids are 12 or lower, check out the sites!! - Two Hills & County Chronicle

"Robb and Leroy create laughter at the library"

By Ashley Grant
Tuesday July 29, 2008

The guitar was strumming and the audience was laughing out loud during Daryl Robb’s performance with Leroy the Lobster at the Vermilion Public Library on July 22nd, 2008.
Robb, creator of the children’s show Down by the Docks, is traveling to 40 different locations as part of the Northern Lights Library tour.
His stop in Vermilion attracted about 120 audience members, including children from Vermilion’s summer fun program.
“He’s a real natural,” said Geraldine Collins, Program Coordinator at the library.
“He made it so that (the children) learn as the show goes on.”
Robb and his crew took the library’s summer theme of “laughing out loud” and created a show based on the theme.
“Each year we do a summer reading program tour,” said Robb.
“If you have the right theme, you can challenge the imagination.”
Robb has done shows with pirate ships sailing through time and has blasted off into space with his audiences and describes the show as where land, sea and air meet.
Robb’s talents aren’t specific to library shows. In fact he has been quite successful in the entertainment industry.
“It started eight years ago when I performed for my daughter’s Grade 1 and 2 class,” said Robb.
“I was clowning around a bit and when I went home I laid down and four songs popped into my head.”
From that moment, Down by the Docks was set into motion.
Down by the Docks can be seen on community television and on
“We are striving to get into commercial television,” said Robb.
“But it’s a matter of who you know.”
Robb said Down by the Docks is comparable to the Wiggles, Barney or a new version of Sesame Street.

Having a quick wit and tweaking the material to please the audience is something Robb is always considering.
“Adlib is one of our strongest assets that create the strength of the show,” said Robb.
“We have two to three creative minds and the show we started with is not the show we end with.”
One of the creative minds is his daughter Shantelle Robb who is Leroy’s nanny during showtime.
“She’s been doing this for 6 years, since she was 10 years old,” said Robb.
Leroy the Lobster was Robb’s first character creation.
“I wanted to create what no on else had created,” said Robb.
“Unfortunately CBC has (a lobster) now but it is red.”
Leroy’s colour is close to actual reality, said Robb, which is something he considers when creating characters.
“In the eyes of a young child, what they see (in our show) is what they will look for in the world,” said Robb.
“You can’t fool kids and if you try, they will be disappointed.”
The characters that have been created are a broad representation of different parts of Canada.
Other characters include Gina the Eagle, Carleton T. Crabbe, Cobo the Pink Oiseaux, and new additions like Diggy the Blue Iguana have been added to represent endangered species.
“Our trip to the Cayman Islands opened my eyes to endangered character creation,” said Robb.
Robb was in the Cayman Islands in 2005 doing four shows a day.
“It was interesting and intriguing,” said Robb.
“Leroy would come out of his rock and the kids would laugh right away and we found out later this is something they weren’t used to seeing. It was a different type of show with animated story.”
Robb said the best part of the experience was all the hugs the cast received at the end of the show.
“We got a great reception,” said Robb.
“I would be walking down the street and kids would stick out of the car windows and yell ‘Hey Mr. Storyteller’.”
“Kids are the same everywhere,” said Robb.
“They are honest and if they are enjoying something they want to be a part of it.”
Robb also makes learning experiences available on the Down by the Docks website.
“We are having an election at Down by the Docks and children eight and under can vote,” said Robb.
“I feel kids should be more aware about elections and should understand why their parents get so animated when talking about politics.”
Leroy the Lobster, Gina the Eagle, and Carleton T. Crabbe will state their case for presidency of the Down by the Docks Playground Club and children can vote online.
Down by the Docks has released four music CDs and has two more on the way. One is a French CD and the other is a CD encompassing the last three years of summer reading program material.
Down by the Docks was nominated for 2007 East Coast Music Awards Children’s Recording of the Year for Ride Along Sing Along, which was a great honour for Robb, who writes a majority of the songs used in the show,
Continuing on to Mannville following his visit to Vermilion, Robb hopes to have made an impression on his young audience.
“I hope they learn something and have fun,” said Robb.
“I want them to get something out of it that they can use later in life and to spark some interest in whatever the topic may be that we are performing.”
- Vermilion Standard


CDs - On The Back Porch
Tales Tall & True (2011)

CDs - Down By The Docks
Lobster Daze (2001)
Mixuppame (2002)
Nothing To Do (2004)
Ride Along, Sing Along (2006) (2007 ECMA nominated)
Lobstertastic (2009)

Radio Two
The Radio Show (Finalist for a 2006 Children's Music Web Award)
Visits The Library
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On The Back Porch releases their 1st CD!

Leroy The Lobster and his friends are proud to annouce the new CD created by Daryl of Down By The Docks and Crystal of Rainbow Express is now available. This new CD came out of the TV pilot called "On The Back Porch" being produced by talking lobster productions the company that created Down By The Docks.
On The Back Porch's first CD called "Tales Tall & True" features many cool stories and lobstertastic songs that are based on factual or folklore history.
So come on out back where the stories will be told about creatures, money, ships and folk heroes. There are songs and stories about whose pictures are on the Canadian 5 and 10 dollar bills, how a young Kate Shelley saved a train from disaster or even a horse who swam miles to get home! There's much more to enjoy On The Back Porch, come an join us today!