Powerful / melodic / personal. Our music expresses the love, hate, pain, and sorrow of our lives.. From heavy grooves to beautiful melodies . In our music there is somthing that everone can relate to , young and old..............real life


My name is J.Christian Beverly , I come from a musical family and have been rockin and writing songs for 20 years . Music is the only life I know , and the only life that I've ever wanted. With unsucessful results in other bands I struck out on my own to form DOWNCAST in '2000. and the music and songwriting has exceeded my expectations 100 fold. Our music is the truths that every person faces during their short lives. I've been with Crystal since 99' and as beautiful as she is , she is just as deadly behind the drum kit. Josh and Jarrod Goode (brothers) were my neighbors. Seth Adams (bass) was a friend of the brothers Goode, and he aggrivated the shit out of me. But I could see the rocking potential of them all, and with a little guidence they have become great musicians and family to me . and so.....we are Downcast JCB


We have more than 3 albums of material ready to record plus an unplugged album of great songs........all american all original. influences like;
sabbath/beatles/zepplin/alice in chains/the melvins/
pantera/nirvana/opeth/pink floyd/ hendrix/zz top

Set List

The sun comes up
So alone
Face to face
Reap what you sew
Slowly I crawl out
Mother sunshine
500 years
Fight for somthing
Dirt from the devils grave
a glass of water & many more!