DC's sound can best be described as semi-heavy, alternative rock, on the grunge tip featuring melodic vocals over powerful, catchy music. Our music has meaning but still rocks. The guys look good too :-)


DownCycle has a diverse sound, from slower melodic radio ballad type of, all the way up to uptempo heavy drum/guitar driven ROCK. DC's music sticks in your head with good hooks and meaningful lyrics. Frontman/ Lyricist Jorge Colon, has a powerful voice with great range. His stage presence and showmanship always make for a great live performance. Lead guitarist Steven Salinas not only provides superior playing ability and musicianship but also a keen understanding of professional sound and songwriting which helps to set DC apart from every other run of the mill rock band. Drummer Nicholas Ochoa is classically trained by way of UTEP. His abundance of talent and masterful skill have helped to elevate not only DC's music but overall performance. Bassist Mason Rivera is a true musician. He not only is skilled at playing every instrument but his original thinking and ideas coupled with his energized performance make him an integral part of the bands sound and music. Steven, Nick and Mason all sing back up on varying songs.


Blackened Soul

Written By: Jorge Colon

Gray haze fills my mind
So confused, don't know what to do
Or think to say when I become
Drowned in desperate thoughts
They swirl through my head
Creating a winding maze
A labyrinth within
The anguish created by

My web of lies hide
A blackened soul, untold

Can you see my struggle?
Does it show through my charade
I try to keep these thought of anger
Locked inside away
From the surface hidden in a disguise
Of happiness and confidence

In a web of lies I hide
A blackened soul, untold
A web of lies I hide
A blackened soul, grown cold

I need to know
Just how to let it go
Can you show how
To let this pain go now

Set List

Our original set includes the following songs and last approx. 45 to 50 minutes. Disgrace, Leave the Pain, Breathe, Blackened Soul, Frozen, No More, What You Need, Ignorance, Redefine, Sorrow. Depending on the crowd we do some covers from artist such as Seether, System of a Down and Audioslave.