Downfall 2012

Downfall 2012

 Houston, Texas, USA

In the world of Downfall 2012, diversity is an absolute must as they chime in with hints of hip-hop, punk rock to accompany their strong funk metal appeal. The band is also well known for their lengthy beat driven breakdowns involving wild home made percussion. Hi-Energy unique entertainment


Downfall 2012 brings you an energetic mix of metal, funk, punk, and hip hop. The band name has echoed throughout the Houston area since the late 90’s however, the current lineup was formed at the beginning of 2007. Danny Gil, Boo Rogers, and Casey Bowen comprise this dynamic 3 piece and together they have created a truly unforgettable concert experience. Known widely for their high energy stage show, the band’s signature is Bucket-Based homemade percussion breakdowns strategically placed throughout the sets to keep the audience excited and engaged. The trio spent most of 2009 touring the west coast circuit, from Fitzgerald’s (Houston) to The Viper Room (Hollywood, CA) and everywhere in between. They have been nominated several times for “Best Metal” in the Houston Press Music Awards and have been exposed through other media such as film and television. Sharing the stage with countless national acts and other amazing artists and promoting their last release “Downfall 2012” the self-titled album, they had a blast on the road. However, for the majority of 2010 Downfall 2012 has remained behind the closed doors of a recording studio creating the next big thing. Sprinkling specific performances in between studio time, Downfall 2012 will continue recording until early 2011. Then they plan to hit the road full time following the release of this highly anticipated musical work which they claim is “The most exciting thing we’ve ever done.” –Downfall 2012 Coming Soon: "Every Man For Himself"


2008 LP release "Downfall 2012"
"Sharks and Minnows" Streaming and limited FM airplay
"Day One" Streaming and limited FM airplay

2005 LP release "Blood Rhythm"
"Snake in the Garden" Limited FM airplay

2002 LP release "The Fuse Is Lit"

2000 EP release "Harsh Words and Unwise Choices"

Set List

Downfall 2012 has the ability to play a 30 minute to a 4+ hour set of all original and/ or cover music. The band is also known for an on-stage percussion mid-show production (which can consist of featured hip-hop soloists and band members playing on buckets, various percussion, didgeridoo, among other noisy things). Downfall 2012 also favors catering to any theme or style of a performance to ensure great entertainment for the audience. You can find them on bills anywhere from Rock festivals, Metal shows, Reggae Roots Rock festivals, to Hip-Hop clubs, or Wild Sports Bars! Versatility is an absolute must in the world of Downfall 2012.