Houston, Texas, USA

Downfall 2012 displays innovative entertainment in a format embraced by all it is exposed to. High energy, diverse, and out of this world thinking is the best way to describewhat this power trio offers. Come see what they have been presenting all over the country, and you will not be disapointed...


Downfall 2012 has spent the last 3 months touring independently across the nation supporting their latest release “A Look Into Every Man…” A prelude to the upcoming LP “Every Man For Himself”. Along their journey they have shared the stage with such acts as: Sevendust, Nonpoint, Dillinger Escape Plan, ICP, Twisted Sister,… and the list continues. This band is known nationally for their stage performance involving many dynamics including off the wall covers and unique percussion routines strategically placed throughout the show. In the past Downfall 2012 has been featured on national TV for sporting events, and their music has been featured in several independent films. Currently the band is working with artist A. Tomic in a collaboration illustrating their upcoming release into a multi part comic book and corresponding storyline. More to come from this band and its affiliates in the very near future…stay tuned…


"Blood Rhythm"
"Downfall 2012"
"A Look Into Every Man..."
Coming soon: "Every Man For Himself"