Downfall is an all original music hard rock band from the kankakee area. We currently have an ep that was just recorded, and is finished. Our music is somewhere inbetween, heavy metal, and rock. Its hard for us to find a happy medium. Music is our passion, our our drive, and our life.


Well the band as it is known now, has been around for about 3 months, and it is going stronger than ever. And it happened over night. We have been through two singers and two guitar players. We have recorded numerous demos, only to find that they weren't at all what we wanted, and playing shows that not a single person could care about. Back in October 2005, the band was facing some issues with everyone not showing up to practice. Well, when everyone decided one day to not show up, our singer, Phil Holt, and guitar player, Tim Holt, walked from the band. This was the turning point for everyone. We used to have two singers, and one guitar player. But the one singer had lost his drive and his passion for music, so we had to make a decision that we thought best for the band, and dropped him. At that point the band was kind of on hold. We didn't have much going on, and we had just lost a singer. We've had dual guitar players in the past, and I thought that it was time for anohter change by going back to our original roots. So this is when we called apon Jordan. A good friend of mine (Justin) for years. He wasn't in a band at the time, and it just seemed to fit perfect. He came to join the band, and thats when things just started to click. We began to instantly write new songs, and started a whole new sound to our band. Right now we are known really well locally. And what we would like to achieve by joining this site, is to just be able to some shows north of Kankakee, and try to get some more exposer for ourselves.


We have just completed our winter 2006 demo. We currently have no major label.

Set List

A typical set list usually runs us about 45min to 1 hr. It all depends on the time alloted to us. Our typical set list would usually go something like this:

Sense of worth (original)
Wasted (original)
Godsmack - Bad Religion (cover)
All I am On demo (original)
Changing Face On demo (original)
Run away (original)
Slipknot - Before I Forget (cover)
Away From (original)
This Aint Over - On demo (original)
Simple (original)

We do try to put some covers in our set, but we really like to emphasize our original music.