Down Home Southernaires

Down Home Southernaires


Fusing the wry and witty songcraft perfected by Steely Dan with tropicalia, rock, and most notably, country music, the Southernaires' sound is super-danceable and, for all its quirkiness, goes over big with booty shakers of all colors, creed, and class. Miami should be proud.


Down Home Southernaires are four friends from childhood who – despite their varying interests -- always wanted to be in a band. Pabona, the guitarist, is an amateur anthropologist and mystic; Norge, the drummer, is a filmmaker and dabbler in fashion photography; Jose Jose, the piano player, writes poetry and paints pictures of rottweilers; Jarrett, bass player, is a full on gourmand and food scholar.
But Saturday nights (or any time you care to party), they forget all of that: handi-camera and dagga sprout, pencil and spatula are toweled stowed, amps switched on, and soon enough Cuban heels spiral off of feet, and cymbals crash, and all of Miami is set in muggy motion (and the fun isn’t limited to Miami, of course: this contagion has, over the years, spread up the peninsula to every corner of the south and midatlantic and Midwest; Johnstown! Wichita! Brooklyn! Peroria! Sioux Falls!)
Indeed, after their peculiar fashion sense (a sultan’s wardrobe of cuban heels, perfumed hankies, leisure suits and open collared oxfords, all dismissed as “natural elegance”), DHS are best known for their under-the-big-top flavored live performances, spectacles of an intensity that belies the craftiness of their music. Listen to the records. Their lyrical and musical density recalls Steely Dan; their classical precision and punk attack pure Elvis Costello and the Attractions; their feverish soulfulness pinched from The Band, Motown, and gospel old-timey and new timey; their freakiness from Tropicalia; their wistful, big smile pop worthy of ABBA.
They are young. Crazy. Ambitious. “We fully expect to be a next big thing” slurs Jose Jose, interrupting his collegues, loud with drink all. “we’re emotional bluebloods that way”
“I’d rather die then not make it” roars Norge “I’d rather be nailed to a cross.”
Jarrett apologizes for the melodrama, while Pabona confides that Norge has “said that more than once”, quickly adding “we all totally agree”.
Catch them if you can.

-- Pedro Pajaro


Negro En Bicicleta
Floridita 1800 Records 2007
1. I Hate The Nightlife
2. Fishing Wire of Feeling
3. Let's Fall in Love with Each Other's Art
4. High Effect
5. Otro Sur (Sagan Samba)
6. Anthro-Apology
7. Israelis On the Beach
8. Sex Itself

Self Titled 2005 Summer Tour LP
1. All At Once
2. A Peaceful Man
3. Grandma Was A Christian Woman
4. Seashell
5. Spirit/Hear-It!
6. Bootsales Girl
7. Couldn't Hear Nobody Pray
8. Train Song
9. Oncology
10. Thank You For Sharing

Debut Self Titled EP
Self - Released Summer 2004
1. I Love You Both
2. Welcome To My Funeral
3. Secret Pain
4. A Death in the Family
5. Horsefly
6. Mabry*
7. Cornfield*
Obscure Sound - Best of May 2008 Compilation
"Israelis on the Beach" featured as 6th track.
Other artists included Mates of State, Wolf Parade, and many more.

Hear Miami Compilation
"Seashell" featured as 4th Track on CD
Other artists on the comp include: ANR, The Postmarks, Rachel Goodrich, and more

South Florida Mixape on Attack Now! Records
"Couldn't Hear Nobody Pray" was featured on Side B, 4th track on the tape.
Other acts: Tyranny of Shaw, Baby Calendar, What Wishes Can't Mend, etc.

Set List

These are songs you may have caught at a DHS show:

All At Once
A Peaceful Man
Grandma Was A Christian Woman
Thank You For Sharing
Welcome To My Funeral
A Death in the Family
I Hate the Night Life
Couldn't Hear Nobody Pray (Gospel Rendition)
High Effect
Otro Sur
Let's Fall in Love with Each Other's Art
Israelis On the Beach
Bootsales Girl
Hating Things
We're Still Friends (On the Dance Floor)
Pa's Reform School Baptist Hymnal Choir
The Company That I'm Keepin'
Is that some Bullshit?
Cindy Rodriguez
Black Magic City
Sex Itself
20 Miles
(I Ain't Nobody's) Receptionist
Gospel Disco (instrumental)
The Righteous Way
Just A Little Talk With Jesus (Gospel Rendition)
Secret Pain
Go Native
Hialeah High
Doom Years
Waterbed City
Home-Town Boys

Can't Hurry Love by The Supremes
Just the Way You Are by Billy Joel
Senior Service by Elvis Costello and the At