Download's sound is best described as a really bad bar fight that no one can stop. The best thing to do is just let it run it's course.


Download is a five piece band from Virginia Beach, VA. They were established in 2002 and are showing no signs of letting up. The sound is deeply rooted in the ’80’s New York hardcore sound as well as thrash metal of the same era. The lyrics delve into many different subject areas like showing appreciation for fans, friends and family as well as showing disgust in the crop of fakes and back stabbers that are encountered on a daily basis. Some songs also tackle current events like the West Memphis Three and the aftermath of September 11th. The live show is quite an experience. If not the loudest, they are definitely one of the loudest bands in the Tidewater area. The band has experience in playing small bars all the way up to 20,000+ seating venues, and with their full size van and trailer, Download is tour ready. The intensity of a Download show is like no other, and this is all validated by the fact that they were voted "Best local band of 2007" by the listeners of FM99 WNOR and also won first place to play at the sold out Lunatic Luau 11 at the Virginia Beach Amphitheater.


We Only Bleed For Family- Debut full length cd/dvd combo. We shot a video for the song "Fallen Ground" which is included on a dvd with the purchase of the cd. We get frequent airplay on FM99 WNOR and FM 100.5 WXMM with "Fallen Ground," "Bad Blood," "Taking It Back"and the title track. "Taking It Back" has gotten daytime airplay on FM99 after we won the Best Local Band of 2008 award.

Epoxy/Download split- Our songs "Imposter," "Taking It Back," and "Dead Inside" have gotten frequent airplay on FM99 WNOR.

We have a highlight reel of our appearance at FM99's Lunatic Luau 11: The Shocker available to be viewed on YouTube, Google and MySpace.

Set List

a headlining show:

Fist Fight
Bad Blood
I'm Not Me
Get It Started
Lab Rat
We Only Bleed For Family
Dead Inside
Taking It Back
Endless Betrayal
We'll Rise
Fallen Ground

Covers on any given night may include:
S.O.D.- "Milk/United Forces"
Gang Green "Let's Drink Some Beer" with a crowd participation section added in by us.

On a night that we are a support act, we will play any variation of the above set list in usually a 45 minute slot or whatever the alloted time frame is.

A headlining show can last up to 90 minutes if the time slot allows.