Down & Dirty

Down & Dirty

 Rio Rancho, New Mexico, USA




If you like the type of rock & roll that makes your head shake, your body move, and your girlfriend wild, then meet Down & Dirty; the type of band whose sound is not only a perfect fit for your next party, but it defines the term soundtrack of your life! 2011/12 has proven to be a fantastic year, with the highly anticipated sophomore release Taste of Rock & Roll, a CD that has received countless praise, from Fans, Webzines, Magazines and Critics worldwide!

Full of youthful, raw, punky energy, the songs here may remind the listener of Motley Crue, Skid Row, Guns n Roses, but Down & Dirty have an unmistakable sound of their own through anthemic riffing rockers like the title track, Free & Young and Led Zep/Aerosmith riffing of Wild Child. If you like your rock with an Eighties vintage and more testosterone than a bus load of high schoolers on summer break, Down & Dirty have exactly the Taste Of Rock & Roll to soothe your soul. Shane Pinnegar (The Taste of Rock & Roll was voted in the top 30 releases of the year!

It is traditional, lively party rock and a damn solid release. (Sleaze Roxx)

The atmosphere on Taste of Rock & Roll is all about fun injecting a topsy derby groove which I like very much. The sky is the limit for Down & Dirty, I hope to hear more of them in the future, and yes I know this album was released earlier this year and we normally dont review older material much, but there are exceptions to the rule when the music needs to be heard. Listen to Down & Dirty cause theres plenty of talent and promise riding high. Denny Jamie (my global mind Webzine)

Taste Of Rock &Roll, the follow-up to the debut Live Fast, is filled to the brim with infectious, memorable, good time music (the rockreport)

Down & Dirty, The Best Bet in Rock & Roll, is a young band (average age of 18), who are rocking with the seasoned riffs and scorching vocals of the music that defined a generation. Attitude, attitude, and more attitude! With the talent, the sounds, and the flash of the bands that ruled the airways and the arenas both, Down & Dirty is taking Chicagoland by storm! The four members collectively are the band to bring the fun, the sound, and the swagger back to rock & roll! Their solid rhythms, wicked solos, wailing vocals, and over the top stage presence is unmatched by any of their peers. Down & Dirtys performances always make a statement we are here to kick some ass! and thats just what they do. With each show and each new song, the band has grown, refining its melodic rock into songs and sounds that will entice and excite you!

L.A. Guitars, Backing Vocals
MAJYK Vocals
JOEY THE KIDD Drums, Backing Vocals
RYAN 9-VOLT TYLER Bass, Backing Vocals

The band has made a lasting impression on fans at every show they have been invited to play, to include the Rocklahoma Festivals (2009, 2012), Rock -N-America festival (2010) These shows along with other numerous opening slots for national acts such as My Darkest Days, Bad City, Vains of Jenna, Bang Tango, and Dirty Penny, to name a few, have been met with an amazing turnout, resulting in an outpouring of new interest in the band. Influenced by a tremendous amount of musical backgrounds, the four members have come together to forge a sound and direction that lifts the fans to a euphoric level that can only be described in the lyrics of the music itself. Taste of Rock & Roll", a truly defining moment in this amazing bands rise to fame! A treat for any rock & roll fan, full of lust, love, honesty, and life; it will leave you rocking, energized, and begging for more!


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"LIVE FAST" 2009 (8 songs)
"Tear it up"
"O Yeah"
"Live Fast"
"Midnight Train" have all been feature on internet radio

"TASTE OF ROCK & ROLL"2011 (11 Songs)
Produced by Chuck Macak
available, Itunes, CDBaby
title track video on you tube at
CD Has sold well, is featured on many radio shows across the U.S., and in Europe.
Voted number 28 out of 100 best releases of 2011 by "The Rockpit" & its members.
Taste of Rock & Roll (listed as Track 2 on music player)
Wild Child (listed as Track 6 on music player)
Hurts So Good (listed as Track 7 on music player)
R U Ready
have all been featured on FM radio shows around the world and online as well

Set List

45-60 Min set consisting of all orginal music with a cover or two thrown in to mix it up