Columbus, Ohio, USA

Downplay has large and growing presence in OH and region with moderate radio play and often show attendance >1000. Originally from near Youngstown, formed at OU, now based in Columbus. Played w/Filter, Candlebox, Taproot, Days of the New, Jimmys Chicken Shack...Managed by Ken Cooper (Sin-O-Matic)


*FiveFest - May 17th - Athens,OH - 13,000 in Attendance.

*Ribs-N-Rock - July 11th - Salem (Youngstown), OH w/Candlebox - 2000 in Attendance

*Woodshock - August 8th/9th - Bellefontaine, OH - w/Filter and Bobaflex - 6000 in Attendance.

Formed in Salem OH (Near Youngstown) in 2003. Shortly after the band moved to Ohio University in Athens and changed to current lineup, retaining two Salem members. First album was released in 2005 and second album "A Day without Gravity" released in 2007. This second album helped to grow the band's popularity throughout the region with moderate radio success. In early 2009 the band showcased for Kim Stevens of Capitol Records and added Ken Cooper, formerly of Sin-O-Matic, and the outcome of this is still pending. Third album tentatively scheduled for release in late Summer 2009, possibly on a major record label.


*Showcased twice for Kim Stevens (Matchbox 20, Saving Abel, Collective Soul, 7 Mary 3) of Capitol Records - outcome still pending.
-1st Showcase - Salem, OH - 450+
-2nd Showcase - Columbus, OH - 1400+

*New manager - Ken Cooper (Sin-O-Matic - Atlantic Records, President Rust Records)

*Sold out the Newport in Columbus - 1400+

*6Fest - OU - 15,000+ in Attendance

*Palmerfest - OU 2,000+ in Attendance

*ICF MMA show in Cincinnatti

*Numerous other large shows - including -
*Played with Taproot, Days of the New, Jimmys Chicken Shack

*Working on new album

2008 - Downplay is enjoying radio play on over 10 major radio stations nationwide, including XM radio. Downplay has played a number of major festivals with a number of national touring acts.

Show Highlights:

*PalmerFest - Headliner - May 10th - Athens, OH - Annual Student festival. 1000+ in Attendance.

*Jimmy's Chicken Shack - August 14th

*Rock on Riverwatch - Headliner - Sept 6th - Tailgate party outside the OSU stadium for OSU vs OU - Thousands in Attendance

*Halloween Block Party - November 1- Athens, OH - Over 10000 in Attendance Last Year - 2nd largest attended block party in the US behind Marti Graas

- 2007 - Downplay returns to the studio, this time at Cleveland-based Jungle Recording Studio. Around the same time Dustin Bates of Downplay, with the contribution of loyal friends, establishes an indie rock record label (True Anomaly Records, LLC), and signs Downplay to the label under a one album contract. “A Day Without Gravity,” was released late-October 2007. The cost of the 2nd album: approx. $16,000. Since the release of the album, the band has had at least 5 tracks played on at least 10 radio stations (and many other internet stations), with two being played in regular rotation on at least one station. The band's music is on Pandora and iTunes.

- 2006 - “Saturday,” released. It includes “bonus track,” a spoof hip-hop song about an OU frat bar "The Crystal"; a student/bar favorite (over 3000 downloads). The band moves to Columbus around this time.

- 2005 - Downplay reorganizes as an original band and begins recording a first full length studio album on a $1,000 budget at Ohio University’s student ran audio production studio;

- 2002 - Two of original band members enroll at OU, where the band becomes a popular cover band for large outdoor festivals (I.E. PalmerFest)

- 2001 - Downplay formed. Originally a cover band in the Youngstown/NE Ohio area, the band generates a large fan base in that area, playing venues all over NE Ohio.



Written By: Dustin Bates (Downplay)

Don’t wake me up. I’m trying so be patient. Why should I leave? I don’t want to see the sun today. But it’s up. I’m awake, but I’m vacant. I need reprieved, cause I am sleeping my life away. Beautiful picture became a torture. Sweet face from before became an eyesore. Messages adored: nails down a chalk board. Nothing can save me until I’ve got the remedy. You’re the reason I’ve got to take pills to sleep every night, every night of the week. In a tailspin now and I’m in too deep. It’s alright It’s alright ‘cause I like misery. Apathy so severe all I do is lay here. I don’t achieve in a week what I should by mid-day. Hey my dear my mind has become unclear. Found a relief. From now on it will be ok. It’s ok. You will never get away. When the karma comes your way.

15 Minutes

Written By: Dustin Bates (Downplay)

Leonardo in many ways, I’ve come to save the day, it’s going to my head. I’ve conquered the best asset. The best ass yet. I left it there for dead. A diamond in the ruff, it don’t satisfy enough. Gotta leave eventually. It might as well be me, I said. You’ve got your 15 minutes of fame, get in the back seat again. I’m in love with the un-obtained. Destiny is my friend. She left me for good today. I don’t care anyway. ‘Cause it’s going to my head. When I lose them in misery they all come back to me. And I leave them there for dead. A diamond in the ruff, it don’t satisfy enough. Gotta leave eventually, when they come back to me, I say.

Edge of the Universe

Written By: Dustin Bates (Downplay)

Everyone’s been trying to find me while I’ve been looking for a place to breathe. I’m always searching behind me, always searching for an exit to leave. I’ve gotta get, get away from this place. Hollow I float into the outer space, will you wait, will you wait for me? Yeah. Sometimes I’d like to fall straight through the center of Earth to see how it would be. I had a dream I found the edge of the universe. Nobody, nobody could find me. Everyone’s been trying to change me while I’ve been closing in on a dream. I’ve tried to rearrange me and ended further outside the stream. I’m going to the edge today. Gonna drift away.

The Stain

Written By: Dustin Bates (Downplay)

Left the girl back there in Ohio. She didn’t really care, she just let me go. She’s the epitome of rich society. Impossible to please ‘cause she has everything. And for her company she has her TV. It’s really all she needs, but she has all of me. And when I asked if she’d leave me, she said no. She said that I’d be the only one who knows. Left the girl back there in Ohio. She didn’t really care, she just let me go. Why should I complain? I should take the blame for the stain, the stain, the stain of her still remains. It was a guarantee that she would wait on me. It’s just not that easy. That’s what she said. I’m anxious all the time. Trying to adjust. Have I thrown away my spine, or discarded a crutch? And I know I won’t forget. I just hope I won’t regret.

Queen of New York City

Written By: Dustin Bates (Downplay)

Save me. Save me from her majesty. The angry leader of the trendy scene. She only comes around for my money. And sweetly becomes someone else’s queen. The world stops turning whenever she comes near me. And it’s still burning whenever she leaves. Stay away from the Queen of New York City. She’s not royalty. She lives down the street from me. I fell in love with the Queen of New York City, I know you know she knows she’s got a hold of me. Hey hey everything was taken away. There’s no way she’s ever gonna give it back. It’s ok if I can keep her at bay. But someway she always finds her way back. I’m mesmerized by the lies that she’s telling, the lies she’s telling me. I can’t disguise my resistance is failing. I can’t flee her majesty.

Average Unknown

Written By: Dustin Bates (Downplay)

Ooh, you think you’re something. You’re nothin’ but a sheep wearing wolf’s skin. A terrible imitation that’s wearing me down down thin. Yeah. We’ve been walking on eggshells just to please you. We’ve been walking on eggshells and it’s turned you into your own champion common Prima Donna. Average Unknown. Your head’s so swollen, leaves you in a coma and all alone. Disguised as some charming conductor of the astounding but you know you’re just dreaming. You’re just the Prince of Uninteresting. This has been a long time coming. Something’s gotta change.

Down to Zero

Written By: Dustin Bates (Downplay)

Standby for the moment of your life that’s gonna change everything, gonna take everything. Take it away. I advise you open up your eyes, kiss it all goodbye. Chance doesn’t compromise. It takes away. You’ll never avoid the unknown. Why do you wait although you know this is the only show. Why are you wasting your life waiting on tomorrows? This is your warning. The hands are turning. They might be spinning slow, but they’re still counting down down to zero. I’ve spent
a long time sitting alone waiting by the phone. A silent microphone staring at me. Asking why the first of us to die never got to say goodbye. And now it’s passed us by. So suddenly! I never visit the gravestone. I am afraid of the gravestone.


Written By: Dustin Bates (Downplay)

I was broken. Half a world away was the half of me. I was lonesome. Love from afar is killed easily. Why do you need so badly free? While slowly I empty. Would you say the distance affects your recollection? Could it be the miles between affect your memory? I tried to call but I guess I learned a lesson. You’ve got all this time alone. I’ve got maybe. I was open. I said things you never heard from me. Now there’s no one. In the streets of Paris there’s a walking zombie.


A Day Without Gravity (2007)
Songs Played on Radio from this album:
-Edge of the Universe
-Down to Zero
-15 Minutes
-Filthy Vodoo
Stations that have played these tracks:
XM-43/XMU (XM Satellite Radio)
WSTB 88.9 Streetsboro, OH
WXTQ 105.5 Athens, OH
WBZX 99.7 Columbus, OH
WNCD 93.3 Youngstown, OH
WHBR 103.1 Parkersburg, WV
WTFX 93.1 Louisville, KY
WAQX 95.7 Syracuse, NY
WEGW 107.5 Wheeling, WV
WAMX 106.3 Huntington, WV
WBZT 96.7 Greenville, SC
Undiscovered Radio Network

Saturday (2005)

Set List

We develop our set list base upon the requirements of the event. Most often we play events showcasing our original material with sets between 45 mins and 1hr 15 mins. We typically play songs from our newest and most popular album and throw in 1-3 remade covers..