Down Radio

Down Radio

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DownRadio were formed in Leeds, UK in late 2012 and were born out of a mutual love of Hip Hop, Rock, Dub and a common aim of highlighting the injustices that happen in the world around us on a daily basis.

The band consists of Ed Cottle(Vocals), Sam Lawson(Guitar), Joe Thom(Synth) and Andy Siron(Drums). Sam, Joe and Andy had all worked together on past musical projects at one point or another but August 2012 was the first time they had come together with their own sole statement of intent. They began to write instrumentals whilst they searched for a vocalist. Many were tried but no one really seemed the right fit until one night Joe's younger brother Ed started rapping in front of Andy at a house party. He was invited to come try out, he instantly impressed and was asked to join.

Named after their common loathing of widespread commercial radio 'DownRadio' use rock beats, dub bass, extravert guitar playing and hip hop lyrics to capture a rawness in their music that helps convey the social relevancies of their lyrical content.