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DownsiiD's music is a high energy hybrid of Rock, Hip Hop and Soul that is unlike anything on the radio today. Staying true to each one of these genres and the diverse cultural backgrounds of the members is what makes this band unique.


Emerging from the depths of Central Texas, DownsiiD is the next evolution in music. Working their way throughout Central Texas they quickly took over the Lone Star State. With a fan base stretching from the East coast to the West coast and beyond this band has yet to meet a crowd they could not entertain with their musical styles.

Many people have tried to speculate on the similarities DownsiiD shares with other bands, but in the end the music produced is unequivocally an original sound. DownsiiD consists of five individual musicians fusing their talents together to create an entirely new style of music known as ?Ghetto Rock?. Spreading throughout communities like a musical plague ?Ghetto Rock? is a hybrid of Hard Rock, Hip Hop, and Soul. Staying true to each specific genre, while being able to mix their sounds, is a characteristic trademark of this band and the reason they dominant the scene.

In 2001 DownsiiD released an independent album; their single ?SIMPLE MAN? brought the band to the fore front of the Texas music scene and caught local music listener?s ears. In 2002 their first full length album KARMA took the band to the next level gaining the interest of independent and major labels with their single ?I?. The album sold four thousand copies while the single ?I? got nationwide airplay and in certain cases topped their local charts. In 2006 after signing a management deal, with Xtreme Marketing and Management, the band decided to control their own tours, recordings, and other business ventures by merging with Xtreme and start their own record label named INNERGLOBAL RECORDS. Under INNERGLOBAL RECORDS DownsiiD has produced what has become the band?s most versatile and best work to date, ?THE EVOLUTION OF GHETTO ROCK?. The band has sold thousands of units to date and continues to draw the attention and interest of independent and major labels, motion picture soundtracks; publication interest and radio play throughout the United States and overseas.

DownsiiD?s representation of Texas precedes them everywhere they go continuing to stir up crowds throughout the U.S. They maintain a down to earth attitude while continuing on their quest to spread GHETTO ROCK music to the ends of the world. Their mission is to be a self made; DO-IT-YOURSELF band will continue to attract many new fans and many more business opportunities to come. In the end DownsiiD?s only question is ?ARE YOU DOWN??



Written By: Jason Atwood


There's no reason for the way you hate
You keep on breathing
Till you go away from
Lies and
Deceit and
What's going
Never gonna stop me now I know

Keep calling
You know now
Never gonna stop this ballin’
You’re hating
You’re waiting for my fall
Never gonna stop this ballin

Keep on saying what ill never be
You keep on hating
Until you go away from
Lies and
Deceit and
What's going
Never gonna stop me now I know

Keep calling
Complaining you know now
Never gonna stop this ballin
You’re hating
You’re waiting
For my fall
Never gonna stop this ballin

Keep calling
Your saying
Never stopping me from ballin
Keep hating
You’re waiting
Never gonna stop this ballin
Never stop


Written By: Downsiid

Sleep, sleep
In my dreams I clearly see you dream
When I fell away
Your eyes I see from far away
Why did you fall away from me
I reached for you
But you turned away
I love you is what she said to me

Lying like your dead I hear you breathe
When I fell away
You eyes I seen from far away
Why did you fall away from me
I reached for you
But you turned away
I love you is what she said

Dreaming that I’m falling from the world

Texas Get up

What do you say
We do it ghetto this way
Puffin on live to increase my mind
What do you say
We do it ghetto this way
Texas get up and Buck buck buck

Ill rhymes
Three hundred and sixty five functions
Hit you with my lyrics your lungs get punctured
Steppin’ on the scene M C’s I eat your lunches
Spit your wig like coconut dutches
Next chapter
Akira bring disaster
And spit verses like southern Baptists pastor
Supreme master your faculty must of gassed ya
You were in the lead but we blew right past ya

What do you say we do it ghetto this way
Puffin on live to increase my mind
What do you say we do it ghetto this way
Texas get up and Buck buck buck

I’m ready to role and shine like a gold pair of Daytons
Wire wheels in motion causing all that commotion
Into first I got the verse
To make all the D J’s get off the wheels and then curse
No wonder that I'm
Fading all M C’s like my last name was Jones
Double i’s on the mic representing my home
You can’t stop or handle this DownsiiD that's the click
We break it down something like this

We break it down to the very last compound

Lone star state let me hear ya cheer
But y’all been neglecting Texas for years
Raise your beers
Throw your horns like steers
It's a ghetto rock party going on right here

From Austin to Dallas come on and bounce with me
El Paso to Waco come on and bounce with me
Killeen bounce with me
Houston bounce with me
Represent your city everybody bounce with me


And I have taken all my bags and packed them
And I have given up on myself again
If I can find the only road that
Leads me no where
I’m dieing to make a place where

Can get another chance and
Can not change it from before and
Have seen those better days
Can just go away

And I can’t wash away these memories
And I can’t hide my soul from all this torment
If I can find the only road that leads me no where
I’m dieing to make a place where

More Pain

This is the time yea for all I know
Disgrace you'll find
In these tears
I cried yeah

I know I gave you more pain
That your face would allow
You know you gave me nothing
You’re the last to go around

I know that you wanted for me to die
Its this pen set aside oh yea
In these tears I cried yeah

Now breath again

Grab the cash

Grab the cash
Then bounce
Then bounce

Just like dice I throw bomb trees on the scale
Hit point seven exact
Texas hydro stuffed fatly into dub sacs
In fact it seems over sees bezz my second home
I handle my business man
DownsiiD’s where I stand
Damn it summertime the sun
Is beaming brightly on the spot
Telling me to wake up
Brother String tie knots
Its true you know you make the money G
Aye yo, I got to get yours
The whole world is mine

Grab the cash and bounce
Jump in my Cadillac 5 0s on my back
Grab the cash and bounce
Pop you collar stack your dollars baby

I be the DJ Akira MC
And my fam be the Down, s, double i, d
You got some money you better give it to me
Cause my people on a mutha fuckin robbin' spree
So I kick in the door
Everybody on the floor
Steel from the rich
Bitch cuz I’m poor
Ghetto rock baby Texas hard core
We took all your money but we still want more

It’s going down man
To all my G's out there break ‘em out
And just buck buck buck buck
No respect to those silly suckas that disrespect the double i's
They gets no love
Aye yo Ak I’m about to

Grab the cash
Gimme the loot just break yo self punk

Wooooo Haaaaa it’s going down on the track
Haters on the floor never seen where you at
Downsiid Players never have no fear
We on the stage doing this for about five years
Don't you know we get down
Ghetto rockin’ every town
All up in your face with that ghetto rock bass
Its true you know we gets the money G
Aye yo I got to get yours
The whole would is mine

No rain

No rain
One time ya mind ya never let go
Two times ya mind ya say ya moving slow
Three time your ya say you wanna check
Four times to change and be a better man

Even though my heart is heavy I’m lying to myself
From all the things I've learned from you has gone and blown away
Where were you when I was lost and I was hanging around


DownsiiDs? 2001 self released album, ?This is the World? contained the trademark single ?simple man? and 2002?s ?Karma: The Rebirth? produced ?I?. They can be heard both nationwide and locally on Clear Channel Radio stations. ?I? made it?s nationwide mark by topping local charts across the nation and being featured in ?R&R? magazine. The follow up CD, ?The Evolution of GhettO RocK?, features the songs ?Ballin? ?, ?Blue? and ?Grab Tha Cash? and is currently available in stores and online as well.

In 2007 Downsiid released "The Evolution of Ghetto Rock" with world wide distribution via BCD distribution. The CD has sold units not only in the U.S but as far off as Russia, Japan, Brazil and many more exotic locations. Google Downsiid for complete selection list.

Set List

The typical Downsiid Show will last 1 hour. Encores are 1 song only.

1. Intro
2. Ballin'
3. Tearing
4. Blue
5. Grab tha Cash
6. No Rain
7. Broken Lies
8. Texas Get Up!!
9. Simple Man
10. Lone Star
11. More Pain
12. Take Out the World
Ya'll Wanna Single(Korn) or Bodies(Drowning Pool)