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This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"March 2007: Downsiid song on Motion Picture soundtrack"

DOWNSIID appears in a motion picture soundtrack for the movie “PINEAPPLE” courtesy of INNERGLOBAL RECORDS and Wood Entertainment.

- Wood Entertainment.

"September 2006: IMC Radio's review on Downsiid"

September 2006: IMC Radio:

The Evolution of Ghetto Rock is one of those CD’s that’ll get played over and over. This band gives credence to the old saying that “everything is bigger in Texas.” Hailing from Killeen, Texas (Killtown) comes DownsiiD, a five piece band that is known as ‘The Original Ghetto Rockers’. Their sound is big, their production bigger (in a good way), and their spirit, bigger still. These guys are good!

-IMC Radio- (See press release at
- -IMC Radio-

"May 2006: Stretch the Sky’s review on Downsiid"

May 2006: Stretch the Sky’s

Downsiid may be rockers on stage but off the stage they are homegrown American’s with an appreciation for the people that maintain our freedom and keep our country safe. The band steps outside the box and pushes aside any labels or stereotypes that their music may invite with a great sound and strong purpose to back it all up.

-Keith Hannaleck, Stretch the Sky’s
- Keith Hannaleck, Stretch the Sky’s

"February 2006: review on Downsiid"

February 2006:

"The accumulation of the music world is upon us. The introduction to a new genre of music has evolved and blossomed into a highly addictive mash up of Sevendust and Linkin Park. This band has taken it upon themselves to be in a league of their own and aptly have successfully achieved that goal."

-Geoff Dellinger, (CD Review Section)
- Geoff Dellinger, (CD Review Section)

"December 2005: Downsiid was selected for Radio Play on America’s #1 Independent Radio Station"

December 2005: Indie104 and 88.5 FM iRadio

Downsiid was selected for Radio Play on indie104 and 88.5 FM iRadio LA, America’s #1 Independent Radio Station.

- indie104 and 88.5 FM iRadio

"November 2005: EL MUNDO NEWSPAPER Downsiid Review"


With a super structure these boys in any moment will hit a commercial hit here in the U.S. that will serve them as a launching pad to reach all around the world, specially the European market!"

-Salvador Munguia, EL MUNDO NEWSPAPER
- Salvador Munguia, EL MUNDO NEWSPAPER

"April 2005: David Lazarus review on Downsiid"

April 2005:

"Downsiid is a band on a mission, to turn the world upside down and downsiid up. The music is original, with a touch of the familiar, hard but with a heart. This band has got what it takes to set he world on FIRE. Check them out NOW!!!"

-David Lazarus / Producer / Artist / SDR - David Lazarus / Producer / Artist / SDR

"September 2004: The Ft. Hood Sentinel review on Downsiid"

September 2004: The Ft. Hood Sentinel

Reports on a DownsiiD Event "DownsiiD has added a unique sound to Central Texas' growing metal scene"
- The Ft. Hood Sentinel

"June 2003: The Edge Magazine review on Downsiid"

June 2003: The Edge Magainze

"These guys have a new hard rock sound with influences like Sevendust and a mix of something I've never heard before. These guys are ready for radio and MTV."

Michael Perez, The Edge Magazine

- Michael Perez, The Edge Magazine


DownsiiDs? 2001 self released album, ?This is the World? contained the trademark single ?simple man? and 2002?s ?Karma: The Rebirth? produced ?I?. They can be heard both nationwide and locally on Clear Channel Radio stations. ?I? made it?s nationwide mark by topping local charts across the nation and being featured in ?R&R? magazine. The follow up CD, ?The Evolution of GhettO RocK?, features the songs ?Ballin? ?, ?Blue? and ?Grab Tha Cash? and is currently available in stores and online as well.

In 2007 Downsiid released "The Evolution of Ghetto Rock" with world wide distribution via BCD distribution. The CD has sold units not only in the U.S but as far off as Russia, Japan, Brazil and many more exotic locations. Google Downsiid for complete selection list.



Emerging from the depths of Central Texas, DownsiiD is the next evolution in music. Working their way throughout Central Texas they quickly took over the Lone Star State. With a fan base stretching from the East coast to the West coast and beyond this band has yet to meet a crowd they could not entertain with their musical styles.

Many people have tried to speculate on the similarities DownsiiD shares with other bands, but in the end the music produced is unequivocally an original sound. DownsiiD consists of five individual musicians fusing their talents together to create an entirely new style of music known as ?Ghetto Rock?. Spreading throughout communities like a musical plague ?Ghetto Rock? is a hybrid of Hard Rock, Hip Hop, and Soul. Staying true to each specific genre, while being able to mix their sounds, is a characteristic trademark of this band and the reason they dominant the scene.

In 2001 DownsiiD released an independent album; their single ?SIMPLE MAN? brought the band to the fore front of the Texas music scene and caught local music listener?s ears. In 2002 their first full length album KARMA took the band to the next level gaining the interest of independent and major labels with their single ?I?. The album sold four thousand copies while the single ?I? got nationwide airplay and in certain cases topped their local charts. In 2006 after signing a management deal, with Xtreme Marketing and Management, the band decided to control their own tours, recordings, and other business ventures by merging with Xtreme and start their own record label named INNERGLOBAL RECORDS. Under INNERGLOBAL RECORDS DownsiiD has produced what has become the band?s most versatile and best work to date, ?THE EVOLUTION OF GHETTO ROCK?. The band has sold thousands of units to date and continues to draw the attention and interest of independent and major labels, motion picture soundtracks; publication interest and radio play throughout the United States and overseas.

DownsiiD?s representation of Texas precedes them everywhere they go continuing to stir up crowds throughout the U.S. They maintain a down to earth attitude while continuing on their quest to spread GHETTO ROCK music to the ends of the world. Their mission is to be a self made; DO-IT-YOURSELF band will continue to attract many new fans and many more business opportunities to come. In the end DownsiiD?s only question is ?ARE YOU DOWN??