Down State

Down State


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Written By: Down State

At times I see you crying/ please know that you are not alone/ and know that I have feelings/ this fear that chills me to the bone/ A mind that has no issues/ is one that checks with no remorse/ please know that patience is a virtue/ it's a key that unlocks any door/
(Pre Chorus)
I need this/ in my head/ I want this/ your silence
And I/ said no/ no I am not mistaken/ for I have come to ask you/ will I fail again (repeat 1)

At times I sit and wonder/ what things could happen to me next/ and know that I worked hard to/ try to make this my very best/ the fear that runs deep inside me/ holds me from going yet astray/ a dream runs through me nightly/ same dream and I see it everyday
(Pre Chorus 2x) (Chorus)
(Pre Chorus 4x)

The Truth

Written By: Down State

Wonder if you never knew the truth about it/ no one ever took the time to talk about it/
Lies inside of my endless abusing life/ Lies inside of my endless abusing life

Maybe you could live without knowing this/ maybe everything they said to you was bullshit/ You want to lie see/ you want to die see you want to lie to me (repeat 2x)