Down the machine

Down the machine


We are a Leeds/York based band with melodic rock songs, Although classed as a Hard Rock band, we appeal to all lovers of Rock, Industrial, Gothic and late 80’s and 90's-style Rock as our music has an all empowering appeal.


Down the Machine is a 3 piece hard rock band from the UK. We make music that we love, for ourselves first and foremost. We are not slaves to that ever elusive record deal, we do not pander to what is "trendy".
If you like our music then please, download it. Its free.
So far we have released an album with another soon to come. We may have a simple set up ie. guitar, bass, drums, vocals... But we push ourselves to be as interesting as possible without losing focus.

We record and release our music ourselves. So if you like what we do then please support us. Come and see us play and help spread the word.


We have released our debut album "Losing Faith" under our previous band name "Leatherhead" but recently changed to DTM, at the moment people can down load the album from our old site at, and also listen on
We just recently had our song "Now I am alone" played on Radio 1's bbc introducing Raw talent.

Set List

our typical set list can be anywhere from half hour to over an hour, as we have a full albums worth of songs, and occasionally throw in the odd cover, maybe a bit of NIN or Niel Young, and Sound Garden etc.