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The best kept secret in music


"CD Review by Scott Brock"

While a lot of hard rock bands think all you have to do is play hard and fast, and have a singer that can hit the high notes, Down To The Shake is a band that realizes it takes more than that if you want to rise above the rest. The new CD, “Not The Same” sets the bar pretty high for all the other hard rock bands out there. While they do play hard and fast, and they do have a singer that might shatter a glass or two behind the bar, they haven’t forgotten that melody, harmony and contrast are what makes the difference between a good song and a great song.

Down To The Shake combines a vast array of sounds and textures not normally found in hard rock music. They make great use of vocal harmonies as well as guitar harmonies, and create melody lines that range from scorching to subtle, haunting, almost dreamlike passages. The band has managed to incorporate strings, horns and even bells into songs, and they do it in a seamless and tasteful way. They even manage to have a sense of humor here and there. I think you’d be hard pressed to find a hard rock album that has a horn solo in it. While that sounds like it would never work, just listen to the song Grungalo and you will see how it fits perfectly.

Not only do they pay attention to harmony and melody, the band does a great job of changing gears now and then. The first song on the CD “Invisible” is in your face rockin’. They follow it up with “Fallen”, which has acoustic guitar and a very tasteful flamenco style guitar solo. The song weaves seamlessly back and forth from floating to an avalanche wall of sound. The Title track “Not The Same” has a catchy hook that you’ll be singing along with, as soon as you hear it. “Prelude To A Body Bag” has an almost Mozart quality, and just when the sound of chiming bells lulls you into a daydream, your abruptly awakened by the sonic blast of “Body Bag”.

To compliment the great song writing, the CD is produced with just enough ear candy to make it sound great, but not so processed that they can’t pull it off live. And speaking of playing live, their shows prove these guys (and gal) are real players. Dale Clabeaux is a charismatic front man with a seven string-shredding accomplice in Lance Hoskins. Bonnie Wallington immediately gets your attention with her good looks and confident stage presence and then keeps your attention with killer basslines that are locked right in with Bill Orrok's thundering double bass licks.

“Not The Same” is one you definitely want to add to your collection. After a listen, I’m sure you’ll be checking their web page for the next live show.
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- Volume Magazine

"CD review"

“Great work. Very original sounding material. Well-done orchestration, instrumentation, musicianship, and overall production values. Strong emotional leading vocals accompanied by good backing vocals/harmonies. I really enjoyed Dale’s unique vocal style – Again it is very original. We have found this material to be well written both musically as well as lyrically. In our opinion Down To The Shake would be easily marketed to the right audience of music industry professionals! Very marketable!” - International Marketing Group

"Down To The Shake CD review"

Down to the Shake - Not the Same
Atlanta has given the metal world Sevendust and Double Drive, and if "Not the Same" is any indication, Down to the Shake may be the next gift. The lead track "Invisible" is a potent blend of classic metal styles fueled with a more modern drive. The "mellower" vibe of "Fallen" retains a seething power with stellar vocal harmonies that are also prevalent in the heavier tunes. This is innovative music with the sonic intensities tempered masterfully with more melodic passages and the right touch of hooks. URL: E-mail:
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Not The Same
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Feeling a bit camera shy


Hailing from Atlanta GA, Down to the Shake originated as an experiment in sound between five friends in the late 1990’s. Although the band has been through line-up changes, the melding of in-your-face hard rock and neo-electric atmosphere continues to describe this band.

With a dynamic range of musical influences that comes together in the music, and like the various personalities of its individual parts, DTTS projects a refreshingly unique style that shines amongst the crowds of talented artists in Atlanta.
Each song uses different styles and approaches to form a sound that’s hard to identify as any specific single genre. Listeners can identify sounds from a wide variety of styles, ranging from heavy metal, new rock, alternative, ska, electronic, jazz to straight-ahead rock. Each song is a separate entity, with hooks flowing in a uniquely tasteful manner.
Noted for an extremely high-energy live show, a DTTS show is a stirring blend of energy, visual stimulation and pleasing sound. The charismatic “Page-Plant-ish” partnership of vocalist/lyricist front-man Clabeaux and (original member) exceptional guitarist Hoskins with a solid rhythm section underneath, results in progressive song-writing and valid stage presence that has been known to get crowds up on their feet within the first few chords strummed.
DTTS has just completed a full length album at Atlanta’s Sonica Recording (voted as one of the hottest new rooms nationally in 2002) with John Brigelvich, the band looks forward to monthly'shows at popular venues, a southeastern US-based tour, and local airplay.
DTTS exudes musical confidence so; whether you are ready for your first taste or another heapin’ helpin’, get up, get ready to SHAKE to a new sound at a show to remember.
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