Downtown Mischeif

Downtown Mischeif

 Victoria, British Columbia, CAN
BandHip HopSka

high energy, intricate. enthusiatsic


There is fresh, then there is universally fresh. These young swanky hooligans first recognized each other's presences and personas through the rhythmic vibrations of the Jungle Shack in 2012. Sharing interests in mycelium, music and happiness, a covalent bond was created between the fellows, and they quickly began swapping tunes, grooves, and waves. And these were not solely of the auditory nature.

A jam-packed combination of two local bands, Boots of Mischief and DownTown HoeDown, this group has combined the progressive and syncopated feels of the former with the laid back organics of the latter, bringing to your oval windows the hammer of that drippity-drop-beat-leave-your-seat-hit-the-street-style equalize relax relax.