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Downtown Harvest

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States | INDIE

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States | INDIE
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"New Philadelphia Quartet, Is A Force to be Reckoned With"

There are few bands that have the ability to wow an audience into a state of curiousity, complete with a vibe of explosive fun with genuine personality.
The up and coming four-piece, Downtown Harvest, hailed from the immediate suburbs of Philadelphia, posesses this abilty and employs it with flying colors.
With the upcoming release of their debut album on Malogna Records, their own recently formed independent label based out of NYC, it is apparent that this band will go on to do big things.
Recently back from Los Angeles the Harvest has already established a strong rowdy fanbase in New York, mainly through word of mouth.
Their Cd Release Party is to be held at Arlene's Grocery in the Lower East Side of Manhattan on the evening of April 7th. The self-titled album will be available for purchase at shows and through the band's websites. - Eddy Meyers- Fader Magazine

"Exmogul presents"

Artist: Downtown Harvest
Title: self-titled (2006)

If you are looking for a melody-heavy CD with some beautiful story-telling lyrics,
Downtown Harvest's debut (Malonga Records) is probably not for you. However, if you
are in the mood for a trippy, funky, groove-laden good time, then you are in for a fun

With a psychedelic swirling opening that morphs into a bass heavy drum thump, the
opening track of the self-titled CD by the band is a quick introduction to the mix of
feeling and vibes prevalent throughout the release. "The Rubber Band Song" is
lighthearted and driving at the same time and features some nice meandering guitar
fills and vocal harmonies. This playful but driven groove continues on the next track;
"Hurry Before Worry",? with its singalong catchy refrain the first time I hurry is gonna be
the last time I worry,? is one that elicits spontaneous head bopping and is an all
around good time.

Other notable tracks on this effort are:

"TKO",? with its vibe and tempo changes is unpredictable and blends elements of jazzy
rock with some nineties rock leanings (think old school Steely Dan funked up with
some Chili Peppers); "Alexander Hayes"? a percussive and horn-heavy track which
has a rapid fire and syncopated vocal style to mirror the drumming; "Mega Magellan"
with its guitar heavy opener and tasty wah-wahing; the old school rock joint of Rattle
On, with its Hendrix-style guitar effects and trippy Cream-ish breaks; and "Mission"
which brings to mind Donald Fagan during his "Nightfly"? era (and that's not a bad

Downtown Harvest are playing throughout the NY tri-state area and are becoming well
known on the jam band circuit. Visit their site Downtown Harvest

Rating: B+
- Exmogul Music

"Rock out!"

Join Metro & Rachel Inc. for Downtown Harvest at The General Lafayette Inn

This week we rock out to some live music with up-and-coming band Downtown Harvest at the General Lafayette Inn. Yes, we're heading outside of the city to Lafayette Hill. The Inn has housed some of Philly's best local talent in a historic building from the 1700's. With its giant stone fi?replace, strong neighborhood support and great
beers on tap, it's the perfect spot to jam with our new favorite band.

Downtown Harvest is an eclectic blend of upbeat groove rock, funk, pop, and soul that has been described by one reviewer as "an all around good time" that 'elicits spontaneous head bopping." Drawing inspiration everywhere
from Beck to The Beatles, their music often blends groove-laden funk elements with strong nineties rock leanings. We're jamming with them this Friday night!

Downtown Harvest @ General Lafayette Inn
Friday, November 24 | 10:00pm – 12:00am | $5 Cover
646 Germantown Pike, Lafayette Hill | 610 941 0600 |
| - Metro - Philadelphia

"Music Review"

Current Issue:
VOL. 2 - NO. 12
December 18th � January 14th, 2006

Downtown Harvest
Philadeliphia, PA
Malogna Records/Indie Label

By: Christine Stoddard

Contrary to popular belief, funk is NOT dead, folks!

A refreshingly upbeat band with a fun mix of original soul, funk, pop, and dance tunes, Philadelphia's Downtown Harvest has a gift for blending guitars, electric bass, saxophone, keyboard, and drums for any hangout scene. The band's members include Larry Thomas Moore (vocals, guitar, bass), Christopher C. Wood (vocals, drums, drum machine), Frank Ewing (vocals, sax, guitar, keys, percussion), and Bobby Cahill (bass, guitar)---and their combined charisma shines through all of their songs, from "Hurry Before Worry" to "TKO" to "Mission." Downtown Harvest has debuted their work at some of the coolest clubs in Los Angeles and have been recognized for their unique sound across the country. In September of this year, ABC's Channel 6 Action News (Philadelphia) featured them as "personal local favorite whose innovative, eclectic sound is making an impact throughout the region."

Other energetic songs include "Alexander Hayes," "Hills of Beverly,"
and "Pretty Eyes," all available on their self titled CD, which was released in April 2006---be sure you snag a copy!

Christine Stoddard - Indie In-Tune

"NXNE: Downtown Harvest @ Holy Joe's"

Date: June 8, 2007
Reporter: Matt Littlefair

These guys owned the tiny space in Holy Joe's, crashing around their minuscule "stage," the band's boundless energy translated into some sparkly pop songs.

Stuck with the last set of the night, the band only had a handful of spectators for their breakneck-paced show. Regardless, they were affable and grateful for the support, and it showed. The endless webs of christmas lights that dotted the ceiling at Joe's added to the overall good-natured feel of the songs. On stage, the band bounded up and down, thrashing the unholy hell out of their instruments. The whole thing culminated when the drummer stood up to bash the living crap out of the skins. I suppose he needed more leverage. Commendably, the sound carried well in Joe's despite shows going on downstairs at the Reverb and Kathedral.

The blend of melodic guitars and funked out bass rhythms were punctuated by periodic blasts of woodwind from the keyboardist/saxophonist. When he didn't have a sax in hand, cascading keys added yet another layer to the bright, boisterous melodies that ran through most of the songs. The band broke out a drum machine for a couple of tracks, which robbed the music of it's feeling, but at the same time added another dimension to the mixed bag of tricks these guys kept pulling out of their hats.

Bedecked in slacker wear par excellence, Downtown Harvest played with a lot of vigor, but the various musical styles didn't always mash up and made for a show that lacked a lot of focus. Nonetheless, the ability is there, and boy can they write a catchy pop hook, they just have to find a way to hone and refine what they do into a fully cohesive sound.
- Chart Attack

"Jaxon 93.3 WMMR (Philadelphia)"

Jaxons Local Shots Podcast Nine - 93.3 WMMR (Philadelphia)

"Philadelphia's Featured Band: Downtown Harvest"

September 4, 2006 - Downtown Harvest is the real deal. This quartet is a personal local favorite whose innovative, eclectic sound is making an impact throughout the region.
DTH covers all the bases: from a dance, funk, hip-hop fusion, to good old-fashioned rock and roll.

I caught up with them at The Grape Street Pub, in Manayunk. There they thrilled the audience with energetic sets, and guest performers, such as "Rok Bottom", who put the proverbial icing on the cake with a stellar rap contribution on yet another diverse DTH tune.

*To see Video, copy and paste the link below to your web browser - ABC's Channel 6 Action News (Philadelphia)

"Jaxon's Local Shots III"

Jaxon's Local Shots III
Contributing Writer

Here's what you'll find on the CD and at the party

This week’s Thursday Night Rock Show has been pre-empted by a special event. This is absolutely terrible news, right? Think again! The special event that has replaced the Rock Show for this week is none other than the CD release party for Jaxon’s Local Shots Vol. III, a compilation of the areas best local music.

WMMR’s Jaxon is the man behind the mix; he puts his name behind every one of the bands on the CD, along with the bands that play the Thursday Night Rock Show. Jaxon even chose the groups who made the CD personally.

“Nine out of ten times, it’s going to be someone who’s playing the Thursday Night Rock Show,” Jaxon says.

Local Shots is actually two positive forces rolled into one; not only does it help in promoting Philadelphia’s energetic local music scene, but all proceeds from the show and the CD sales go to charity. This year, that charity is the Southern Comfort-sponsored Hurrican Katrina Musicians Relief Fund.

“They do a lot of work in trying to bring back the local music to New Orleans. They’ll replace any kind of equipment that was lost — instruments, things like that,” Jaxon says of the charity.

New Orleans is famous for its local music, and Jaxon of all people knows how important a music scene can be for a city. “We used to do work with the Grammy Music Cares charity, but we felt like the Musicians Relief Fund was just a great cause,” he explains.

The CD is a $9.33, and will be sold at the release party on Thursday. If you can’t make it out for the event, it will also be sold on WMMR’s website and at Sam Ash music stores.

As for Jaxon’s favorite band on the bill, he politely declines to name one. “These bands are like my children. It would be like asking a parent to pick a favorite child,” he says, laughing. All he’ll say is that attendees to the event can expect a “cool, eclectic mix of music where almost everyone will be able to find something they like.”

Downtown Harvest
“Hurry Before Worry”
Begun in 2002 as a blues and funk bar band, Downtown Harvest has come a long way since their humble beginnings. Their sound has evolved to include influences not only from blues, funk and classic rock, but alternative and new wave sounds as well.

Downtown Harvest’s members are all accomplished musicians and play multiple instruments in the band. Three-quarters of the four piece are listed as lead vocalists, which leads to a multi-layered, harmonic vocal sound. Larry Thomas Moore is responsible for guitar, bass and vocals lines along with bass and guitar with Bobby Cahill, the band’s lone non-singing member. Christopher Wood not only plays drums, but sings and manages a drum machine as well. Finally, the multi-talented Frank Ewing plays sax, guitar, keyboard and various percussion instruments, along with contributing to the vocals. Even if you don’t like their music, you have to admit that these guys are very, very ambitious.

Veterans of the Grape Street Pub, World Café Live and many other local venues, their track Hurry Before Worry is the Local Shots Vol. III catchy opener. Reminiscent of a faster paced, more layered Jack Johnson song, it’s about letting go of the little things and laying back to have a good time. The song’s laid back feel could be attributed to the time the band spent in California, honing their sound and trying to break into the business. Now back on the East Coast, they’re ready to show the crowd at Grape Street and anyone who listens to Local Shots Vol. III what they are made of.

The song is also featured on their self-titled CD, which is available on their website. - Play Philly


*downtown harvest - Discovering Dinosaurs
release date: Feb 14, 2010
Cold Point Records

*downtown harvest - Golden Dragon
release date: July 13th 2007
Malogna Records

*downtown harvest- self titled debut LP
release date: April 7th 2006
Malogna Records

*downtown harvest- Kravitz Sessions
EP recorded in 2003



Downtown Harvest is a quartet of high school friends hailing from Philadelphia. In their ten years of making music the band has happened upon an entirely original sound. You can definitely hear elements of brit punk, dance rock, and soul, but the overall sound is something very much it's own: a quirky mash up of experimental pop featuring three lead singers and a wide variety of instruments and sounds.

The group has achieved quite a bit in its existence, earning versatile and devoted fans. In the winter of 2005 Downtown Harvest relocated to Los Angeles for a stint and since returned home to Philadelphia. They have had a great ride: opening for the likes of Perry Farell and Ok Go, played a private audition with Atlantic Records, sellouts at various New York clubs, CMJ and North by Northeast Music Conference in Toronto, and a generous amount of National College Radio Play. Downtown Harvest has established themselves as one of Philadelphia's premiere rock acts.

Their 3rd album "Discovering Dinosaurs" was created mostly during the Winter of 2009 at Cold Point Studios, the group's home recording space in the suburbs of Philly, “Discovering Dinosaurs” marks a new collaborative songwriting process where the band was able to record at their leisure and fine tune each song without much regard to budget and time.