Downtown/Union is a rock n roll wrecking ball of music. From three-minute spirited sing-a-long anthems to drunken ballads of heartache and loss, D/U breaks down the tired cliches and pretense of a rock band and instead delivers solid, catchy, heart-on-their-sleeves rock n roll straight from the gut.


Downtown/Union came alive as a two-piece. Their influences are many and vary from Bob Dylan to Guided By Voices to The Oblivians and The Replacements. With the esoteric mind of singer/guitarist, Bo Bory, and the wildly rhythmic heartbeat of drummer, Jeff Electric, D/U fused together one smog filled night in Los Angeles. Like Frankenstein's musical monster, their ruckus roared across Silverlake and down Sunset Blvd, prompting curious passerbys to stop and peek into the dimly lit storefront doubling as an impromptu rehearsal space. A lady walking her dog stopped to dance in the doorway, a couple of teens leaned against the bus stop post outside to have a smoke and nod their heads, a young kid with a harmonica asked to sit in on a song, two Japanese tourist riding by in a taxi heard the sounds and stopped to knock on the door, asking if they could come in and listen (true story). The boys found that this happened to them a lot... everywhere they played, friends, people from the audience, other band members, would find the music infectious enough to ask them if they could jam with them, or sit in, or even join the band. After releasing a well-received EP as a two-piece, the boys were made an offer they couldn't refuse. Joey and Andy Siara from the up and coming Los Angeles band The Henry Clay People offered to join the band and D/U enthusiastically excepted. The newly tooled D/U quickly went into the studio and recorded a full length, the electrifying Aurora Ahora. The album gained them rave reviews, made many websites' "best of" lists, and garnered them radio play on Indie 103.1. Excited by the new energy of the group, the boys decided not to stop there and added two more members to the mix, John Huerta and Adam Valentine of the band Seasons. Now with a ready, rotating bullpen of musicians, Downtown/Union has been a non-stop gigging machine, even embarking on a little tour up the coast. This summer the 6-piece got together to record songs for their upcoming CD, Superstitions of You. Utilizing the vast talents at their disposal, the band seeked to expand their sound by adding eclectic instrumentation such as vibes, horns, and old-timey pianos. If you're in the area and feel like jamming just stop by and knock... it's a rock and roll party.


Six Song Super Set EP,
Aurora Ahora LP
Wooden Lips Split 7"
Superstitions of You EP

Set List

Our sets are run from 35 to 45 minutes. We play 7 or 8 of our own songs and typically add a cover or two. We try to create wavering flow of songs that will peak and release the tension of our set. Start out with a mid tempo piece, move up to some total rockers and then maybe one ballad and back again and usually ending with a cover.

Some Covers that we've done live:
Restless Eric- Whole Wide World
The Beatles-Dont Let Me Down
Daniel Johnston-Silly Love
Leonard Cohen-Hallelujah or Bird On A Wire
V/U-Sweet Jane
Neil Young-Harvest Moon
Rolling Stones-Salt Of THe Earth
Bob Dylan-Maggies Farm
Jesus And Mary Chain-Head First
The Replacements- The Regulars