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Pikeville, Kentucky, United States | INDIE

Pikeville, Kentucky, United States | INDIE
Band Metal Rock


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THE CD: “Dirty Little Secret”
PERFORMER: Downtrend

Normally, when you say a band sounds like something you would hear on the radio, it could be interpreted to mean an inherent lack of originality. In the case of Pikeville, Ky.-based Downtrend, it’s a compliment; especially since the band has only been playing since August 2005.

It’s rare that you see a band live, then listen to their CD. Normally it’s the other way around, with you being mad that you paid for the CD. I got hooked up with the 9-song debut personally by the band at the Sound Factory Friday night.

The nascent Downtrend (Daryl Amburgey - vocals; Josh Crum - guitar; Jeremy Chaney - bass; Jason Justice - drums) was formed a few years back in or around Pikeville by Josh & Jeremy, out of the ashes of a band called Voices of Aggression. They’re now reaping the rewards of some time & effort in Downtrend.

The CD opens with “Save Yourself,” a song heavy on the hooks, and heavy in general. Amburgey, who hails from Indiana and had been in a Ky. band called Trustfall, gives this band clear, powerful vocals with range — and some rage. “Liar” is the standout track on DLS and it comes as no surprise, since the song has already been played on X106.3’s Loud & Local.

The songs on DLS are tight, for sure. In my opinion, the guitar mix needs a more layered sound, or something. Crum’s talents are on display on the “Liar” intro, and, all over the CD. Just a little studio magic might give these guys an album that would really stand out. Remember, this is their first release. They’ve been a band for not even a year.

“What Lovers Say” and “And You Call This a War” are both standout songs, the latter containing some cool samples of a little girl talking about lambs, thier slaughter. “. . . War” is stomp-worthy, for sure. At the end of the track, the girl informs us that each time a gun fires, an angel gets its wings. Makes sense to me.

This band is one to watch out for, for sure. If you’re out on the town, and you have a chance to check ‘em out: do so.

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One Response to “Downtrend has a “Dirty Little Secret””
Nick2 Says:
February 1st, 2006 at 8:30 am
Speaking of seeing Downtrend live, here’s the lowdown on the DLS guitar mix, from Downtrend guitarist Josh Crum:
The reason the guitar wasn’t layered very often was because we pride ourselves on our live show. So, that being said, we dind’t wanna do anything on the CD that couldn’t be done live. So, we didn’t want you to get used to hearing one song one way, then coming to the show and saying “You know, they sound good, but something that I am used to is missing.” So, we layered a few areas but all in all left it original.
Josh, thanks. And, good point. People won’t be saying “I heard they suck live” about you all.

- the Charleston Gazzette

DOWNTREND's performance at Champs to benefit Relay

by Michelle Goff

PIKEVILLE, KY - The Local hard rock band Downtrend regularly performs at Champs Sports Bar and Grill. However, the band's Saturday, May 6th performance will do more than entertain fans and patrons. It will serve as a Relay For Life fundraiser.

Josh Crum, band guitarist and a Pikeville Medical Center employee, said the idea arose from a desire to help the American Cancer Society's Relay For Life. Which is scheduled for May 19 and 20 at the Bob Amos Park in Pikeville.

"I work in the Leonard Lawson Cancer Center and somebody mentioned that our band should play the Relay" Crum reflected. "But i don't think our hard rock music would fly at relay."

Therefore, Crum and his bandmates - bassist Jeremy Chaney, drummer Jason Justice and Singer Daryl Amburgey - decided to do something else to help.

"The only place we play locally is Champs." Crum explained. "They agreed to donate the cover charge to the hospital's relay team and to pass around a tip jar."

For her part Champs shift manager Jamie Meade said the restaurant was more than happy to help.

"There will be a $4 charge for singles and a $6 charge for couples and 100 percent of that will go to Relay" Meade stated. "Downtrend is our house band, and we thought it was a perfect opportunity for a small business to benefit the community and the entire country. We're happy to use are facility and our popularity to make a difference. We hope this will make a difference."

Crum noted that the performance comes on the heels of the release of Downtrend's first album "Dirty Little Secret" which can be purchased at

"We play a lot in West Virginia and Tennessee" he noted "our first single "Liar" is getting played on radio stations in those states."

Although he said the band, which has only been playing together since August, would like to make a living performing music, the goal is not to neccessarily become famous.

"Idealy, anyone who writes their own music wants to do it for a living." he commented

Crum added that Downtrend has also performed at other fundraisers and helped raise more than $2,000 for Hurricane katrina relief. In addition, the band plans to play at an April 27th Rock Against Rape concert at Marshall University, which will benefit the Huntington Rape Crises Center.

For information on Downtrend's performance at Champs to raised funds for Relay, contact meade at 606-433-9628

For information on becoming involved with a Pike Relay For Life team, contact Hunt Cooper at 606-218-4928

For information on Pike Relay For Life corporate sponsorships, contact Doug Powers at 606-639-4840

- Medical Leader (April 20, 2006)

Pike's Downtrend signs with record label
by Michelle Goff
Staff Writer

Downtrend has come a long way in a short time.

The band in front of an audience for the first time at the August 2005 East Kentucky Fair. But when the band, which plays metal took the stage, the crowd acted a little bewildered.

"They introduced us as a country band." explains drummer, Jason Justice.

"I guess maybe they didn't know." adds guitarist Josh Crum

but Kenneth Poole, president of Vision Metal Records, "knows" about the band. Poole recently signed the four member band to Vision Metal. The band, which also includes bassist Jeremy Justice and singer Daryl Amburgey will head to Vision Metal's Harrogate, Tenn. headquarters next month to begin recording.

"he (Poole) heard us play before." Crum says "He liked us then, but we knew our singer at the time was going to move. When the time came up we called him and he was still interested."

Except for Amburgey, who lives in Knott County, Downtrend is a Pike County band. However, Crum and Justice note the dificulty of finding gigs in this area.

"There are no venues that cater toward our style of music." Justice states.

Nevertheless, that hasn't kept the band from playing. Indeed, Crum says they have been performing five or six shows a month in West Virginia and Tennessee and even won a battle of the bands in Hazard. This saturday at 12:30 they will play at the Pepsi Pavilion untill the Hillbilly Days parade begins.

Crum and Justice say rocking a crowed remains their motivation.

"It's always been the drum to play in front of a crowd and get out of the garage." Justice says

"The best thing about playing in a band is seeing people sing along and dance to a song you wrote." Crum adds.

The bandmates write their own music, which Crum describes as "heavy but with a lot of melodic hooks." He says the writing process occasionally originates from "goofing off".

"Someone will strike a chord that someone else likes." he says with a smile.

Justice says their individual influences can be heard in their music. For Justice those influences include Nonpoint and Sevendust's Morgan Rose. While crum considers himself to be a "diehard" Ozzy Osbourne and Randy Rhoads fan.

With the recording contract, the band, which can be found on the web at has a management company taking care of their gigs. But Crum says they'll stay true to their name.

"It's about not following trends and not changing who you are." he says. "It's doing what you like. if everyone else likes it great."
- Appalachian News-Express (april 19, 2007)

popular Pikeville metal band signs with record label

by Jarrid Deaton
Staff Writer

PIKEVILLE - The members of a popular Pikeville metal band are ready to take the next step in their musical careers after being signed to an up-and-coming record label.

Downtrend, a band that has been a fixture at Champs Sports Bar signed with Vision Metal Records. The band will hit the label's studio in Tennessee in May to begin recording their debut album.

"We're really excited to get to take this next level." said Josh Crum guitarist and PMC employee. "Not every band gets this kind of opportunity. It's a big step and it opens a lot of doors."

Downtrend's music ceated by Vocalist Daryl Amburgey, bassist Jeremy Justice, drummer Jason Justice and Crum can be best described as a mixture of aggresssion and melody, with comparisons to bands like Sevendust and Nonpoint. Downtrend has opened shows for Nonpoint on two separate occasions.

Downtrend also performs many charity concerts, including donating money from the cover charge for a performance at Champs to the American Cancer Society's Relay For Life.

Samples of Downtrend's music can be heard at - Medical Leader (April 21, 2007)

The Hard Place
by Steve Nall

With DOWNTREND with find ourselves back into the musical vein that The Hard Place knows best. With speedy riffs, pounding double bass, group musical stabs and a mixture of scream/sing vocals these guys are everything that modern metal represents. The song "Your Final Farewell" brings all these attributes together in one slammin' heavy song. The breakdown to the slower riff near the end of the track is a nice contrast to the rest of the song and the double bass work of drummer Jay Justice is very steady and constant - a must if a band is to pull off songs like this one.

The song "She's Lightning" employs some riffs that are very familier to me, but when you only have so many chords and rhythms to choose from, a little overlap is always going to happen.

Downtrend is very well on their way to the big time and if they keep writing material like this, the trip there wont take very long. Having recently signed a deal with Vision Metal Records, they are now in the process of releasing their debut "Conflicts Of Heart And Tongue", and in anticipation of this event, the band is playing out all over the place. (If you wanna catch a preview of the upcoming release or see the current concert dates) visit downtrend on the web at and you will see why they are quickly becoming one of the most sought after bands in the state of kentucky. - M.E. Music Entertainment (May 08')

Local band mixes talents to produce CD


The perfect mixture of melody and madness. That’s how the members of Downtrend, a Pikeville quartet, describe their sound and their band. Formed in 2005, the hard rock band (guitarist Josh Crum says all that melody and madness actually crosses over into several genres), is set to release their first CD, “Conflicts of Hearts and Tongues,” next month.

“The title comes from a song,” explains vocalist Daryl Amburgey. “You don’t say what you mean or mean what you say. It’s about untruths. The whole album is based on untruths and wildness, and the wildness that follows untruths.”

The 11-song CD was recorded at The Cave in Harrogate, Tenn., and will be released by Vision Metal Studios and will be available at Sound House Music or It can also be ordered from any music store or downloaded digitally at such online sites as iTunes.

Although they’ve been recording for nearly a year, the process began before that when the president and owner of Vision Metal heard Downtrend play live. He made them an offer, which they declined. They renegotiated and agreed to a contract that lets the band retain the rights to their music.

Amburgey writes most of their lyrics while the other band members, Crum and brothers, Jay Justice (drums and percussion) and Jeremy Justice (bass), provide the music.

After a process that included advertising and searching online, the band obtained this “perfect mixture.”

“Josh and the old bass player found the old singer in the ‘Mountain Bargain Hunter,’” Jay Justice notes.

“And we found Jay through an audition,” Crum says. “We found Daryl on the Internet.”

Then, when things didn’t work out with the former bass player, Jay Justice’s younger brother switched instruments.

“My little brother can play anything and he was old enough to join the band,” Jay Justice says.

“We’re kind of like Quiet Riot,” Crum says in reference to the heavy metal band that achieved mainstream success after most of their original members had left the band. “We have two members who weren’t in the original lineup.”

Jeremy Justice recently moved to Lexington and the others live here in Eastern Kentucky, but the band still manages to get together to play two or three gigs a month. According to their Web site, in the next few weeks they have shows set for Whitesburg, Bluefield, W.Va., Huntington, W.Va., and Hillbilly Days, where they are scheduled to play at the Pepsi Event Center on April 17 at 9 p.m.

“We’re getting a good enough reputation that we’re getting invited to open for national bands like 12 Stones,” Crum says.

But the members of this hard rock band have interests and opinions as varied as the different genres of music. Take their inspirations and goals, for instance.

“I was probably 10 when I heard (legendary guitarist) Randy Rhoads play and I knew I wanted to do that,” Crum recalls.

Jay Justice names Nonpoint’s Rob Rivera, former Ozzy Osbourne and Whitesnake drummer Tommy Aldridge and Sevendust’s Morgan Rose as inspirations.

As for Amburgey, he likes Elvis Presley and Dean Martin.

When it comes to their hopes for the CD, Jay Justice says, “I want to level it up from where we are now and keep moving up.”

Crum adds, “I want it to lead to a bigger album. Our demo led to this. It’s all a stairway to us becoming a regional act or getting an even bigger album with one of the big five or six studios.”

Amburgey says, “I want to live comfortably. I want this to be my job. If I can make what I do now, I’d be all right.”

“Like I said,” Crum notes with a smile, “It’s a perfect mixture.”

Story created Mar 26, 2008 - 19:17:51 CDT.
- Appilachian News-Express (March 27, 2008)

X-Fest announces line-up
Jul 29, 2008
The Herald-Dispatch

HUNTINGTON -- Book it and they will come, scream and mosh under a hot sun in brutal joy.

WAMX-FM's X-Fest turns 12 on Sept. 6, and the X-106.3's annual fest celebrates in style at Harris Riverfront Park with two stages of hammering metal that features such headliners as the five-man Orange County, Calif.-based metal act Avenged Sevenfold.

The Warner Bros. recording artists, currently touring Europe, has its latest single "Afterlife" sitting at No. 20 on Billboard's Hot Modern Rock Tracks chart.

This is the first area performance for the band that burst on the scene in 2005 with its million-selling debut, "City of Evil," that featured the wildly popular single "Bat Country" and that helped the band straddle the music scene as the only band to headline Warped Tour and Ozzfest while simultaneously hitting No. 1 on MTV's TRL.

Other national-act X-Fest main stage acts include: Shadows Fall, Pop Evil, Egypt Central, Another Black Day and Midnight to Twelve.

Keeping it rowdy on the floating, Budweiser Loud and Local Stage will be X Factor 1 (Columbus, Ohio), PI (Ironton, Ohio), Bud Carroll & the Southern Souls (Huntington), Downtrend (Pikeville, Ky.) and Stitch Rivet (Bloody Creek, Ky.).

Gates will open at 1 p.m. Saturday, Sept. 6 for X-Fest and tickets will go on sale Friday, Aug. 1, at all Ticketmaster outlets including the Big Sandy Superstore Arena Box Office. Tickets are $30 in advance and $45 day of show.

Also, a limited number of Pit Passes will be available in advance for $45 at the arena box office at 1 Civic Center Plaza, Huntington or by calling 304-696-4400.

For more information, please visit

The X-Fest date will kick off Avenged Sevenfold's North American tour, co-headlined by Buckcherry and featuring Shinedown and Saving Abel.

The band just released its self-titled CD that features the singles "Afterlife" and "Almost Easy," and Avenged Sevenfold will release a live DVD Sept. 16. For more on Avenged Sevenfold, visit www.avenged

This is the 12th edition of X-Fest that started at Ritter Park with Jimmie's Chicken Shack and a handful of bands.

In the years since, a who's who of metal and modern rock has played the fest including Hatebreed, Disturbed, Papa Roach, Hinder as well as several nationally touring, locally based metal acts such as Bobaflex, Byzantine and Chum.

- The Herald-Dispatch


- NOVATION (2009 VISION METAL RECORDS DEBUT) Release date: April 2009.
First single "SHE'S LIGHTNING" already receiving airplay. Performed "Once For Keeps" on the "Up Late" television show (aired all over WV and KY)


featured the single "LIAR" which received moderate airplay in the KY, WV, TN area. And won hard rock "track of the day" on




Formed in 2004, Pikeville Kentucky's Downtrend fuses hardcore riffs with melodic hooks. Downtrend has always been a hard-working band with the reputation of doing whatever it takes to move a crowd. In April of 2007 the band signed with Universal sub-label, Vision Metal Records.

Downtrend has also gained national attention as they have appeared in the April '09 issue of METAL EDGE Magazine with their song "Lover's Leap Weekly" featured on the compilation CD that accompanied the magazine. Downtrend has also made multiple appearances on the television show "Up Late" guesting with such stars as the legendary Pauly Shore. With the April 2009 worldwide release of their Vision Metal debut, "NOVATION", Downtrend unleashed the "Madness" nationwide. The foursome is currently in the studio at VISION METAL RECORDS working on their follow-up to NOVATION. The outing, to be titled "ONE STOP SIN SHOP", is set for an early 2011 release.

Downtrend is also well known for their charitable contributions as they host an annual “Toys for Tots” benefit concert at their hometown in Kentucky. That among several others charities they have donated their time and talent in support of does prove that metal has a heart.

With their mixture of Melody and Madness, Downtrend has what it takes to make radio DJ's, fans, and Promoters take notice. DOWNTREND has been successful in expanding their fan base throughout the Midwest and Southeast.

DOWNTREND has built a nice resume and gained notoriety performing with bands such as :

.KILLER IN THE WORKPLACE (ex Soulfly, Stuck Mojo members)