Downt the Boulevard

Downt the Boulevard

 Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Five guys down on their luck, pursuing their dream of playing music that people enjoy and rockstardom.


A Hard Rock band hailing from Las Vegas NV. With a powerful sound not heard for years and a soulful approach to song writing you will not be able to stop listening to. An eclectic mix of Rock and Blues littered with Classic, Acoustic and Punk rock influences. Committed to only one real goal. To make the music that’s been hiding in the dark corners of our hearts and minds. Like a sonic Locomotive running at break neck speeds Down The Boulevard will take you for the ride of you life. It all started very simply in 2007 with a cell phone recording of “ Ruby “ that Mike sent to Matt. Billys Kid was it for us at the time and if you ever saw that band you would understand why. Making the switch from beer slinging , fist throwing punk rock to acoustic guitars and actually singing was a big step but we both knew it was time. Down The Boulevard formed in early 2009 with Mike and Matt when we recorded “ Take it All “ and started searching. The search didn’t last long , when Jason came to us with big dreams and great songs. Lou followed shortly after and was the easiest audition ever ( when you hear him play you will understand ). We spent a wile searching for a drummer. We needed someone that matched our intensity and drive and it happened that J. Willis ( Formerly of Billys Kid and maybe the baddest rock drummer in Vegas ) found his way back to us and the line up was set.


Down the Boulevard EP, and Outta her Mind (single)