Downward Dog

Downward Dog


Led by a beautiful and charismatic female vocalist, this hard rock quartet mixes it up with ecclectic covers and enthralling original music that blurs the genre line by blending elements of rock, pop, punk and even nu-metal for a sound that is truly unique.


Phoenix's Downward Dog is complex, hard-hitting rock with searing, soulful vocals and well-crafted songs that run the gamut from unbridled fury to introspective lyrical melodies to scathingly critical social commentaries. Their sound lies somewhere between rock/pop/punk-influenced acts like Evanescence and No Doubt and harder bands like Perfect Circle, Incubus and Linkin' Park -- with a little Allanis and Tori Amos tossed in for good measure. Original, powerful, thought-provoking and energetic, this female-fronted quartet stands out in a Valley that is experiencing a strong second wave of worthy breakthroughs to the national scene and is finding a unique and authentic musical voice.

Downward Dog has been privileged to perform before thousands appearing at the Heber/Overgaard Independence Day Festivals in 2002 and 2003, and as featured performers at the PF Chang Rock N Roll Marathon in 2004 and 2005. They have played for hordes of Spring Breakers in Rocky Point, Mexico and they regularly take part in statewide music events and charity fundraisers, including the 12th Annual United Way Music Festival, GoGirls Music Fest for Music Cares, Red White & Blues Festival to support Homes For Our Troops, The Veterans Day Concert for Red Cross following 9/11, the Earth Mother Mind Jam 14 and Desert Divas and Music for a Cure to benefit breast cancer research.

Based on the strength of the music, listener feedback and overwhelming support of Downward Dog's single, "Time Marches On," Internet radio station declared them winners of the Battle of the Bands and have since added a second track "Riptide" to regular rotation. Other stations that have featured the band include; KUPD FM, KEDJ FM, KZON FM, KPHN AM, and KMUD FM in Humboldt CA.

The band has achieved world-wide exposure with a feature article and review in New-York based 22nd Century Rock Magazine who proclaimed "Downward Dog is pure rock with heart and determination".. Julia Bogen's vocals are second to none."

Their debut release "Time Marches On" ia available at the Apple Music Store (iTunes) and


Scarab* Demo EP - 2001 limited release
True - Aired 2002 KZON FM
Without You - Aired KZON FM
Sign of the Times
This Too, Shall Pass

This Too Shall Pass - Desert Divas Breast Cancer Compilation CD

Downward Dog Sampler - 2004 pre-release from Time Marches On LP
Stripped -,,,
Time Marches On -, KUPD FM, KEDJ FM, KMUD FM,,,,

Why - SRP Promotional CD - 10,000 limited-edition given to runners of 2005 PF Chang Rock N Roll Marathon
Time Marches On - 2004 Single - Arizona Thanks the Troops CD - sent to troops overseas

Time Marches On - 2005 Full length LP
Riptide - single Aired,
Stripped - single Aired KEDJ FM,
Hey Now -single Aired KUPD FM
Dear Sue - streaming
Time Marches On -streaming (see above)

Full album available at the Apple Music Store (iTunes) as well as

*Scarab was the former name of the band from June 2001 to October 2003.

Set List

The band is capable of performing 60-75 minute sets of exclusively original material.

If covers are included, they can easily churn out four 45-minute sets and do so on a regular basis. The band plays a variety of music from contemporary female artist such as Sheryl Crow, Jewel, Allanis and Lisa Loeb, girl-powered acts such as No Doubt, the Cranberries, 4-Non Blondes, K's Choice and Evanescence to hard-rocking show stoppers from the likes of Led Zeppelin, AlterBridge and System of a Down. The following is a complete list of covers by song title and artist.

Aerials - System of a Down
American Idiot - Green Day
Bad Fish - Sublime
Blood Sugar Sex Magic - Red Hot Chili Peppers
Brain Stew - Green Day
Break Down - Tom Petty
Bring Me To Life - Evanescence
Crucify - Tori Amos
Down - 311
Feed the Tree - Belly
Find The Real - AlterBridge
Forgiven - Allanis Morrisette
Gel - Collective Soul
God is a Bullet - Concrete Blonde
Had a Dad - Jane's Addiction
Happy Ending - Avril