Down We Go

Down We Go


We're a fast paced punk rock band. When we play, we just play what feels natural to us and we've been told on many occasions that we're the most raw, aggresive band people have seen in a long time.


Down We Go started in late 2006, after the break up of Jeff and Kevin's band, Agent Apathy. At first, the band was Jeff on guitar, Kyle on bass, and Kevin on Drums. After jamming around and getting some songs written, they all decided they needed a singer and recruited Rich from The Nihilists to sing. They also got KB, formerly of The Plankton Beat, to play guitar but after a few practices switched to bass and Kyle switched to guitar. With songs fully written, they booked a few shows to start making a name for themselves. Their first show was in January of 2007 with Only Crime (Fat Wreck). They played a couple more local shows with some big name bands such as, Dead To Me and The Loved Ones, both on Fat Wreck as well. In March of 2007, they decided to record their first EP, which was to be five songs. After spending a weekend in Kent, WA recording their debut EP with Firefly Production, they toured the West Coast in April of 2007. This tour exposed all the members of Down We Go in so many great ways, exposing them to the excitement of tour, meeting new friends in new cities everyday, and playing music that they loved to play. To them, their first tour was a success. After getting used to the road, they decided to go back out on the road in June, doing the West Coast again, when they encounted a problem. KB felt touring would ruin his work and living situations and decided to quit Down We Go on good terms. With a tour already booked, the guys had to decide on canceling the tour, or embarking on having Kyle play bass. They chose option 2 and a week later were on tour again. This tour exposed them more and Down We Go even played their last three dates with Static Thought (Hellcat Records). Upon coming home, Rich's good friend, and band mate for The Nihlists, Jesse, asked if he could join Down We Go full time. With no hesitation, all the guys agreed he would fit the lineup. Now with a new bass player, Down We Go decided to kick back in Seattle for the summer and get their new bass player up to speed and write some new songs. Within that time period they did play a few local shows with Ignite and Stick To Your Guns. After getting their new bass player prepared, the guys decided to hit the road in October, this time with Final Summation from California. And instead of just doing the West Coast again, they decided to make it a Midwest tour. Going as far East as Chicago, hitting up Montana, North Dakota, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Colorado, Utah, Arizona, and California. With another tour under their belt, they all decided to take it easy during the winter, considering their drummer, Kevin, was asked to, and accepted to, drum tech for Chiodos in November. Once back from the tour, Down We Go played a local show with A Wilhelm Scream and The Flatliners to showcase some new material. In January 2008, they decided to embark on one last West Coast tour before they started writing more songs for their full length. After the West Coast tour, they started writing a bunch of new songs for their upcoming album this summer, to be released in June. They spent the rest of January and all of February 2008 writing and was asked by The Vandals to open up their Seattle show for March 9th. Down We Go gladly accepted the offer and played their biggest show yet, with a sold out crowd at Seattle's El Corazon. Down We Go decided to use the rest of March and April to finish preproduction on their full length. Down We Go is currently in the final stages of preproduction and are almost ready to enter the studio in May 2008 to record their first full length album, album name TBA. With the new album comes a new tour with Static Thought starting on June 20, 2008 in Spokane, WA and ending in Houston, TX on July 19, 2008. On July 20 in San Antonio, TX, Down We Go goes on another tour with local friends Rough Chukar and this tour goes until August 11, ending in Seattle, WA.


S/T EP - April 2007
Album name TBA - June, 19 2008

Set List

1. Life Partner
2. 171
3. Rehab
4. Piano For Beginners
5. Feeling Comfortable
6. Mega Man (Journey Into Hell)
7. Born To Run (Bruce Springsteen Cover) *On Special Occasions
8. Throwaway
9. Way The Flag Flies
10. Highway Two

This set list time ranges from 25 to 30 minutes.