Down With The Butterfly

Down With The Butterfly


Down With The Butterfly is intense, beautiful, and insightful; emotional, powerful, and dynamic; sensitive, vulnerable, and confident; honest, concerned, and involved; passionate, exploratory, and inspired; humorous, grateful, and independent. Expect the unexpected.


The music and brief history of Down With The Butterfly is intense, beautiful, and insightful. The band formed in early 2005 in Halifax, Nova Scotia when Dave Scholten, Kris Pope, Jason Burns, and Ian Sherwood began practicing new songs in a small house on a hill. These rehearsals quickly expanded and the group began playing shows around Halifax; by the end of the summer they had toured all the way to Ontario and back. Throughout the fall and winter the band recorded songs for an album while continuing to maintain their busy touring schedule. In May 2006 the group embarked on a string of successful "cd release" shows, despite the fact their cd was unable to be released due to problems at the USA/Canada border. Eventually, their ECMA award nominated debut album, RISE, was released in June of 2006 and the band toured from Newfoundland to Ontario in support of it. For the next year and a half the band continued to tour, using the opportunity to arrange, write, and refine new songs live in front of audiences. By April 2008 the group was playing almost all unreleased material during live shows, but by this time they had already abandoned two vans due to seized engines and so they decided to call it quits with touring. Since then they have parted ways in order to focus on individual musical projects. In early 2008 Down With The Butterfly recorded material for a sophomore album, which should be released in late Winter/early Spring 2010. The members of Down With The Butterfly are currently creating music with other bands so keep your ears, eyes, minds, and hearts open.

As for the band's current activities, Jason Burns plays drums for the indie power-pop group Mardeen; and he manages Hey Rosetta! as well as Brent Randall & His Pinecones. Dave Scholten and Kris Pope have combined their songwriting talents to write socially conscious folk-rock songs as Acres And Acres. Kris is also the lead guitarist for Halifax indie band, Caledonia. As for Ian Sherwood, he has to compete with a similarly named songwriter, so he has taken on the pseudonym Outspoken Invoice in order to create his own brand of psychedelic folk songs.

Career highlights:

---shared the stage with international touring acts Metric, Immaculate Machine, The Most Serene Republic, Wintersleep, Jenn Grant and Hey Rosetta!; as well as Atlantic Canadian performers such as: The Museum Pieces, Grand Theft Bus, Tanya Davis, and Carmen Townsend and The Shakey Deals.
---received two grants from Nova Scotia for manufacturing and promotion of debut album.
---performed at CBC Galaxie Rising Stars Showcase in Saint John (July 2005).
---performed at Rock Can Roll Independent Music Festival in St. John's (January 2006).
---performed at Junofest (March 2006); Halifax Pop Explosion (October 2006); and ECMA showcase (February 2007) in Halifax.
---performed at Toronto Bites! Festival in Montreal (April 2007).
---performed at Fundy Fog Festival in Saint John and Evolve Festival in Antigonish (August 2007).
---performed at Pop Montreal festival (October 2007).
---performed at CBC Galaxie Rising Stars Showcase at the ECMA awards weekend in Fredericton (February 2008).
---performed at Canadian Music Week in Toronto (March 2008).
---televised performance for IWK Children's Hospital Telethon (June 2006).
---featured twice on CBC radio's Freestyle with Kelly Ryan and Cameron Phillips.
---featured on Much Music's Going Coastal (December 2006).
---participated in the Atlantic Film Festival 10x10 video program (September 2007).
---2008 ECMA Nomination for Best Alternative Album.


blue and green

Written By: down with the butterfly

you and all the others were so easily impressed
but I bet if you put your best stories together
you could define me and all my flaws
and you'd be dead on and still be dead wrong

people often cry when they realise the truth
they also cry in pity for lost souls like me and you
blue and green depression and envy
it's a beautiful world but it tears us apart


Written By: down with the butterfly

look on the brighter side
you're still alive
and on the way back home
you won't be alone

I need somewhere to hide
at least until my fear subsides
there's no reason for concern
I'll return

find a reason to be
they say it'll set you free
and when time has left your home
you won't be alone

but oh this sigh
and all this worrying
for no reason
all this wasted time
and all this hurrying
it makes me wonder
why I'm falling
into this hidden space
with life and lies
I realise my place
and it's way out past the sun
away from everything and everyone
and that just barely keeps me alive


Written By: down with the butterfly

somebody built the tank
and somebody made the guns

somebody sewed the uniforms
and put swastikas on them

somebody filled the tanks
and somebody drove them dry

somebody grew the fruit
and applied the pesticide

somebody had a farm
and raised chickens and cows

they got so big so fast
somebody knows how

but nobody saw it coming


2006: RISE (independent)

2010: All The Pieces (independent) [coming soon]

Set List

The set list varies from night to night and consists of all original material. A typical night where the band shares the stage with other bands sees them play one set of 45-60 minutes, but they do play longer shows up to 2 hrs.