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"First review"

"Down with the Woo is the second coming of Eric Friar and Mandy Branch, the duo who crafted the crystalline melodies and jarring angles of Athens' now-extinct Heros Severum. As DWTW, Friar (guitar, vocals) and Branch (guitar, keyboard, vocals), along with Winston Parker (bass, saxophone), shed the immediacy and terse punk leanings of their past for a spacey excursion into soul music, electro-pop and futuristic funk. Minimal rhythms and computer-generated beats come together in each song to form a web of sophisticated production and dance music that's both slick and technology-obsessed without forgetting the organic ways of a human body on the dance floor."- Chad Radford
- Flagpole

"Local band to shoot video at the 40 Watt Club"

Hip-hop and punk fans will unite Friday to celebrate a local trio's first video shoot, making it easy to get "Down with the Woo."

Using three cameras, three projection screens, numerous auxiliary speakers and special guests, Down with the Woo will film a live video Friday night, turning the 40 Watt Club into its set and using fans as extras.

"We are filming the show to be released at a later date. We'll compile the footage into a music video for one of our singles, and the entire concert may be released later as a live concert DVD," said lead singer, guitarist and keyboardist Mandy Branch.

Growing up with bands from the Washington, D.C., area like Jawbox, Shudder to Think and Fugazi, Down with the Woo started as punk-inspired. However, artists such as Missy Elliott, James Brown and Kool and the Gang added soul to its list of influences.

"Down with the Woo is kind of like what you would get if you melded soul, hip-hop and D.C. punk all together," said Branch, who graduated from the University in 1999. "Throw in a few dance moves and some Prince and there you go."

Members Branch, Eric Friar and Winston Parker haven't been Down with the Woo for long - the band's first birthday is in October, but it is no stranger to the Athens music scene.

"Eric, Winston and I used to play in a band called Heros Severum, a rock band with two guitars, saxophone, keyboards and drums," said Branch. "After we disbanded, we decided to try something new."

This time around, the trio decided to experiment with technology.

For example, the new drummer isn't really a drummer at all. The band uses Pro Tools, a software program used for recording, to provide the pulse for its live shows.

"We record each of our shows and release songs from each performance either online or as singles that audience members can pick up at the next show," Branch said, adding that Down with the Woo plans to do the same with the new video.

Local tech company TSAV (Technical Services Audio Visual) will sponsor the show, giving the venue an ultra-surround sound experience.

"It should be a really great and diverse show - not to mention there will be free refreshments for everyone, so there's another incentive to come," she said.

Local groups Ice Cream Socialists and Pegasuses XL, along with New Orleans based One Man Machine will open the show. - Red and Black, Athens GA

"Woo Light up my Life"

Woo Light Up My Life: From the “well, finally!” department comes news that local rockers Down with the Woo have finished the new album. Recorded over at member Eric Friar’s Downtown Athens Recording Company, the new collection is titled Thylacines and the band is now on the hunt for a label to release it. Hopefully, this won’t take too long because this is a band that people should hear. In other news, Down with the Woo has been busily working on completing a video for its song “Muscle Minus Brain” via the nimble fingers of member Winston Parker. Drop them a line and tell them you need these things over at - Flagpole Magazine

"Performer Magazine News"

The Athens pop band Down with the Woo is ready to take the spotlight again with a new album and music video. The group has been working on the album, tentatively named Thylacines, at DARC Studios. A music video for the song, "Muscle Minus Brain" is also being edited for release. - Southeastern Performer


Debut album this fall. In the meantime, lots of handmade limited run demos & live recordings are made available at shows.

"Used 2 B a Ho" b/w "MMBrain" (Live Feat. Ayo) CD Single.

Live at the 40 Watt Video DVD.

"Learn To Streetfight" 2007 Athfest CD Compilation

Or just visit us on myspace



Up from the ashes of cult heroes Heros Severum (often called one of the more important Athens bands, if not the most well known), DWTW is a live production experiment powered by Macintosh. The invention of sex-ta-phonic surround sound combined with stunning visuals raises the bar for live performances by indie bands. Musically the band takes it's Wire cum MinuteMen post punk background and (successfully) skewers it with beats that remind you of Old School Hip Hop, Prince, Rap and R&B. Lyrically the band is conscious if not politically or socially so, with a tendency toward the self referential. The music is intelligent and danceable at the same time, a rare combination. Never afraid to continue to push the boundaries that define different genres of music, guests onstage often include artists such as well known rapper from Southeast Atlanta, Ayo, and afro-punk art rocker Bernard Pearce of New Orleans band One Man Machine.

Get a sample of the bands elaborate stage show by visiting the video section of the EPK or go to for even more videos.

Well known and well moustachioed Athens studio producer/engineer Eric Friar provides the audio backbone of DWTW, via a Macintosh based Pro Tools system, and engineers beats for the band using a Roland TR-808. The 808 is the same drum machine heard on countless classic hip hop records from the 80's like Run DMC, Whodini and the Beastie Boys. On top of his work as the bands beat maker Eric plays lead guitar and sings.

The primary voice and frontwoman of DWTW is a Fiery red-haired chanteuse who also handles the guitar, bass and piano with great skill. As well as being a role model for other Athens female rockers Mandy Branch is a deft songwriter with a unique and instanly identifiable style.

Winston Parker puts his youthful exuberance to task, constantly pushing DWTW to new technical heights. Often taking on a role similar to that of Martin Swope's in Mission of Burma, Winston uses his knowledge of all things technological to cut/chop/flip and rearrange the vocals and instruments digitally, and all live. When he's not at his MIDI station Winston drops fat bass lines and mean sax sounds in the mix.