Down With Webster

Down With Webster

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The Beach Boys of hip hop!


On the road, bustin’ loads, welcome to the circus babe!
Dine and dash, flicking ash, just to scratch the surface.
Label heads get nervous when they see us on the grind.
And they wonder how we never once signed upon a dotted line.
Broken bones, Blow out combs, Rifs ears are fucking blown.
Time to make a record so that Kap can get a bigger home.
Bucky smears, ponys cheer from the front to the rear.
Then we get some Odies cause we all prefer a bigger beer.
Solo raps packin’ chaps. (Groupie love gets double wrapped.)
Find a loop, play it back get the whole band tracked.
Always on the level cause the pop world’s flat.
The boys deserve a medal cause we’ve been there, done that!
Crashed whips, fast chicks. Use your head. That’s it!
Everyone’s a star but we’re exceptions (mind the astrix*)
Started in the nine nine. Waited by the side lines.
Now we’re in the game and yall be seein’ us at prime time.
Hot damn! “Who’s that band?” Get your fucking digi cams.
Wham Bam thank you Cam, FANS HERE WE AMS!!!!!!!


Debut cd out now!

Set List

We usually play most of our cd.