Do You REMEMBER Being a 5th Grader?

Do You REMEMBER Being a 5th Grader?


We know you're smarter than a 5th Grader - what we want to know is do you REMEMBER BEING a 5th Grader. It's a game show that's all about when you were in elementary school. A rockin' soundtrack from 1996-2002 tops off this fun filled trip down memory lane - all in the form of a game show.


"Do You Remember BEING a 5th Grader" was inspired by the 5th grader TV show, and plays in a similar manner, with our own little twists and turns. What makes it unique is that all of the questions in the show come from the time when you were IN elementary school.

This unique aspect of the show makes it incredibly entertaining to the college audience, because it was written specifically for the college audience! This years crop of questions come from 1996-2002, and will be changed regularly as students get older!

We guarantee there will be a lot of "OMG - I remember that!", a lot of singing along with the soundtrack and a whole lot of smiling faces leaving the show.

Each show runs about 75-90 minutes and there is up to $600 in cash and prizes up for grabs at every show. The prizes are included in the pricing for all college events.


Game Shows To Go is a company specializing is high production game shows with all of the "little touches" that make game shows so much fun.

You can USE ANY PRODUCTION to get coop pricing - so if you're interested in "5th Grader" and we're in the area performing BONK - don't worry - we can get you coop pricing!

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Set List

Game Shows To Go focuses on making sure that the entire audience is involved in the show, not just the players who make it to the stage.