Do You See The Dark
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Do You See The Dark

New York City, New York, United States | SELF

New York City, New York, United States | SELF
Band Rock Metal


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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Do You See The Dark"

"To Quote the press release Do You See The Dark are an unsigned New York act who describe themselves as 'Ambient Metal', and you know what I could not think of a better description of the band's music myself. Based on a simple three piece line up, the band produce sonic landscapes for Miss Cakes vocals to shine over, coming across as an amalgamation of Garbage's Shirley Mason and the inimitable Deborah Harry of Blondie fame. The guitars are heavy when required or jangley as necessary to fit individual songs and the drums along with Cakes' bass provide a solid under pinning of the four proper “songs” on offer here, both Cyclic and Ashes are short musical interludes that lead into the tracks that follow.

I’ve got to be honest this EP didn't grab me on first listen as it’s completely left field and very original but, after a couple more spins, it all clicks. The band have produced a unique sound based on old new wave, punk, goth and thrash all blended together to give Do You See The Dark their own sound. Which is always a good thing in my book. It is a struggle to give you, the readers, any sort of comparison when it comes to bands DYSTD could be equated to and ultimately the success of this experimental art rock is entirely up to you the listener, but it's well worth the effort and I, for one, look forward to hearing more form Do You See The Dark." -

"Do You See the Dark: Victory is in the Struggle"

"Heavy. That basically sums up the Brooklyn power trio Do You See the Dark and their first EP Victory Is In The Struggle. But it's not all that simple. Within the dense intensity of their mammoth riffage, DYStD adds progressive rock nuances. If you can hear the past that crushing wall of riffage on Shed Your Thorns and When It All Falls Apart, you'll finding shifting movements, twisting bass and drum work, and lilting, sometimes, raw female vocals. Then on the shorter Secret and especially Sunshine, DYStD offers a more accessible pattern of melodic heavy rock. The EP closes with Do You See the Dark pursuing their strengths on Dranken: dark, heavy, and complex rock. It rumbles and rocks, sounding like some strange brew of heavy, stoner, and psychedelic rock. Next to Sunshine, it was my favorite song on Victory Is In The Struggle.

If you would normally pass on heavier rock, or think it's all riffige for stoner, then you need to check out innovation within You See the Dark's heavy music. Recommended!" - Danger Dog

"Pick of the Litter"

"Good female-fronted hard rock. Tough, edgy with all the right guitar tones. The band really compliments each instrument and sound well."
- Doug Van Pelt - HM Mag


2011 Victory is in the Struggle

1. Shed Your Thorns
2. When It All Falls Apart
3. Secret
4. Sunshine
5. Dranken



Do You See the Dark is a three-piece beast. Seamlessly meshing eccentric metal riffs with catchy vocal melodies and hooks, the group is best defined as a progressive power-rock trio with the massive sound of artists like Tool and Pantera, the raw emotion of Nirvana and the melodic sensibilities of The Cars and Billy Joel.

DYStD has just released their latest EP, Victory Is In the Struggle. The EP is a journey through life's ups and downs; a trip through the edgy darkness frequently confronted on the path to betterment. The songs cover vast ground ranging from vigilant and political to introspective and deeply personal. The music tackles heavy subject matter while remaining uplifting; provoking listeners through deep themes interwoven with complex rhythms and savage riffs. The EP is already garnering accolades having been featured in the April/May/June issue of HM Mag's Pick of the Litter.

After several northeastern tours, DYStD has gained a strong following in the region. With Victory Is In the Struggle now available, the band has been busy serving heaping helpings of heaven-sent heaviness to music fans in the northeast.