DP and MJB

DP and MJB

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Hip hop at its finest. Good music, good lyrics, great sound. underground hip hop with a commercial feel that anyone can enjoy and groove with. garanteed to catch anyones ear.


Our music is fun. we dont represent no fakeness. we mix old school with new school. what to bring that real hiphop back when its was all about the lyrics and style and not about being a thug and all the things your money can buy. we love all genres of music so we try to use them all when dealing with a song. our influences are the beastie boys, run dmc, jay z to name a few but honestly every rapper or band influences us because music is universal and has its different types of artists that can hook you with that one sound. we hooked up in 2001, done little tracks here and there until we realized that we were good together so we decided to get ourselves out there. our family and friends are the most important factor, because they love our music and are there at every show inspiring us and making us what we are today.


I Got Loose

Written By: Dan Piccochi and Mike Berube

intro hook( I Got money, i got juice, i got to the party and i got loose)
hook ( got the party, I got to the party, i got to the party, i got to the party and, got to the party, i got to the party, i got to the party and i got loose.)

I was fresh dressed like a million Bucks, Smooth, with my strut from the, shoes to the cuffs, loosen it up, grey goose in my cup. My hat to the side, laid back for the night. I glide to the living room feel the damn bass, so many hot biddies I cant even stand straight. Dan wait, take a look at how that jam shakes, profound, so round, i could flip it like a pancake. 100 proof tee telling me shes from my fanbase. thats that groupie love. I walk to the group like, who needs hugs? A girl on each arm, thats how i usually does. Erin on my left, right side is Karen, I said, hey girls are you into sharing, she said, why yes. So we spun on round, to move to the music as we got on down.


The girls were stacked, the floor was packed, so we moved to the back where the brews on tap. this dude called Jack asked who want a rap? I said nah, but the crowd persued on that. They seen me flow, theyheard my name before. So we gave the party people what they came here for. Hot rhymes deluxe flow, lines by the truck load, plus when i rap every dime wanna fuck yo. I started spitting, bitches was coming from the kitchen, people fucking upstairs were coming down to listen. It got obnoxious, women were getting topless, started throwing panties, dudes even throwing boxers. What? Ew! Never mind that, call that dime back tell her to kick it with a fly cat. So I can take her to the room upstairs. Where no one can see what we do up there.


No Glove? no glove. No love. No love. its out in the ride. so we bounce and we slide. her arms around my neck and shes ready for me. cause when it comes to sexing Im a recking machine. I crept down the steps, i left in a flash. pulled out the rubber, that i had in my dash. and once i had it wrapped then that was that. i ditched the hoe, then i drubk some moe, and went to the back where the blunts were blown. i saw a table set up on a near lawn, strip beer pong had chicks in their thongs. somebody said hey the cops are here. everybody freaked out and they dropped their beers. i stole some weed, and i took some bicardi. is it a party if we aint there, hardly.



1. I Got Loose. video on you tube
2. Im Fly. remix with Jus Mula and Toolz
3. Letting You Know.

Fuck the radio. they play the same songs over and over and will only play local acts if the money is right. its all politics now.

Set List

We have enough songs to do a hour set. we usually do a 30 min to 45 min set so we can change songs here and there every show. we have about 12 or so tracks to perform. we dont like to be on stage very long. we like to hit the crowd and not be up on stage long enough to bore them. our shows are usually fast paced so we dont give the crowd a chance to settle.