DP Da Reapa

DP Da Reapa

 Harrisonburg, Virginia, USA
BandHip HopSpoken Word

Old School 2 Def, Atl flava wit' da VA Swing


DP Da Reapa (Dr. Nikitah Imani) is Pres. and CEO of Reapalife Records in Harrisonburg, VA. He is from the ATL and holds a BSFS, 2 masters degrees, a Ph.D and a second doctorate in metaphysics. He is assoc. prof. of sociology at James Madison Univ. He was the co-author of The Agony of Education (1996) on Routledge press, Kinzonzi (2006) and Mbongi (2006) on Reapalife Press and will be releasing a new book, Head Games in 2009 on UPA..


Bad Daddy Volume 1: The Deadly Poet (2001) www.cdbaby.com/reapa3
Bad Daddy Volume 2: The Rip-Rhyme Teacher
(2001) www.cdbaby.com/reapa4
Bad Daddy Volume 3: The Microphone Creeper
(2001) www.cdbaby.com/reapa5
Sinista Minista: Still Sinista in 04 (2002) www.cdbaby.com/reapa2
Old School 2 Def Volume One (2003) www.cdbaby.com/reapa6
Old School 2 Def Volume Two (2003) www.cdbaby.com/reapa7
Assassin Nation (2004)
Old School Long Playa Volume One (2005)
Old School Long Playa Volume Two (2005)
Death to All Hataz Volume One(2006) www.cdbaby.com/reapa11
Death to All Hataz Volume Two (2006)
Central Command (2010) www.cdbaby.com/reapa13

Set List

sets in 15 minutes increments up to 1 hour and 2 hour sets. Sets vary based on site, crowd, and preferences. All originals.