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2010 - The Adventures of



If you ever have the opportunity to meet David Paul Newell, you might be surprised to find out what a normal guy he is. Though, his ability to craft songs is anything but normal. Never has this been more evident than on his new album, “The Adventures of David Paul Newell”. David has accurately turned a page and begun a new chapter in life.

Back at the age of 14, David received his first guitar as a birthday present from his mom. He was instantly taken by the acoustic guitar’s pure natural sound. Within days he was creating melodies. Nevertheless David continued expanding his musical capacities by learning to play the piano, drums, and bass. Even taking up saxophone for a short period of time, though it did not stick. His aptitude to play all these instruments would later become the underpinning of David's musical career.

In 2005, after creating his own home studio, DPN released “The Self Titled Album”. Playing all the instruments himself, he managed to put together a self produced eclectic pop album. A collection of songs that, for him, represented his best efforts to mimic much of what he heard on the radio. “It was a learning experience” David says regarding the unsuccessful feat. “I tried to do it all myself, and in the process realized I could not”.

Within 6 months David had grown tired of nearly every song on that album. He stopped playing the songs live and started writing new ones. “I felt like I didn’t connect with the songs... because they didn’t resonate in me. I needed to play songs that came from the heart”, David says regarding that period of time. He went back to the drawing board and began to write many of the songs that would later appear on “The Adventures of” Album.

During this period of time David began searching for the right team. Recognizing that in order for this to be something he would be proud of, it would take more than himself. In 2007 DPN was introduced to Record Producer and Sound Engineer, James C. Wilson. There was an instant connection between the two and plans were quickly set into motion to make a record. David gathered a group of close friends who he had a long history of playing with. Chris Gordon, his childhood friend of 13 years, offered his skills on electric guitar. Chris also introduced David to both drummer Lance Nelson and bass player Jeremy Pannell. Whom he had played with while promoting his earlier album. Keyboardist Daniel Sumpter loaned his highly sought after skills. And singers Matthew Eck, Randi Nelson and Rachel Leonard offered there help as well.

In September of 2008, after 6 months of preparation, David and group entered into the studio. Literally camping out, sleeping on the floor or taking turns on the coach, they spent night after night laying down the bulk of the recording. Because of a limited budget, the studio time was often separate by weeks and even months. But in June of 2010, after almost 2 years sense its inception, the album was completed.

Needless to say, the length of time it took to record has only seemed to affect how good it is. The music isn’t simply appealing melodies. There is a depth of genuine emotion that permeates even the inadvertent listener. With DPN’s endearing lyrics & songs, it's turning the casual fan into a fanatic. The subject matter is everything from birth to death and life in between. Most of this album is an introspective look into the cries of the technologically adept generation. A youth, that with all its social networking and connectivity, still longs for a genuine connection. With wide open arms David invites you into his monologue on the human condition. Calls all to live for the day or as David puts it “Live Like We Die Tonight”. With a melody that will haunt long after. Leaving the listener hoping this Adventure is only the first of many more to come from David Paul Newell.

- Mégane Quéromès (copyright 2010 Seascape Records)