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Trollhättan, Västra Götaland, Sweden | SELF

Trollhättan, Västra Götaland, Sweden | SELF
Band EDM Pop




"Dpoint - Disco Bitch"

Dpoint was formed in the late 80's and evolved from experimental electronic music to synth pop to screaming guitar experiments in the early 90's , only to return to the pure electronic music in the mid 90's. The band had a “silent” period between the late 90's and the mid 00's only to return to music making and performing in 2009! A first digital release was made in late 2010 with the original version of the single "Disco Bitch" followed by the full length album "In memory of the voices no longer in our heads" in early 2011. This also marked the beginning of the bands multi media performances in which the music is supported by visual art displayed on screens behind the band. Dpoint prefer live performances, and has also made use of the internet to stream live virtual concerts on a regular basis. The band invite everyone to enquire about live performances or other forms of collaboration at dpoint@kodapa.com or through the contact form at the bands home page http://dpoint.kodapa.com. - Electrocore.com

"Dpoint’s release party"

Swedish Synth Pop duo DPoint recently released their new album In Memory Of Voices No Longer In Our heads on January 15, 2011 with a virtual event. The video is a single called KIK9 taken from the new album. See their list of synths and other gear at http://dpoint.kodapa.com/?page_id=7 - Steelberry Clones

"Dpoint Virtual Release Event - January 15, 2011"

Virtual Release Event! On January 15, Swedish synth band Dpoint are proud to release their new album "In memory of the voices no longer in our heads". To celebrate this, we would like to invite you all to join our Virtual Release Event which will be a streamed concert open to everyone. Check out their web site for more details at http://dpoint.kodapa.com/. - SynthME

"Desire Is Irrelevant by Dpoint Sound System"

Robert Widell dropped us a note about four videos by the synth band Dpoint Sound System. Check out this video of theirs for the track "Desire Is Irrelevant" below. You can watch more of their videos on their Web site at http://dpoint.kodapa.com/?page_id=18. - SynthME


Disco Bitch - Single released on iTunes and Spotify 2010.
In memory of the voices no longer in our heads - Album released on iTunes and Spotify 2011.
Here we go - Released on Vibedeck, 2011.

Releases are also available through the common streaming services (Jango, Grooveshark, The SixtyNince, LastFM).

Dpoint is also releasing songs, tracks and demo material on Soundcloud as well as videos on YouTube.

More information on official and un offical releases at http://dpoint.kodapa.com.



Swedish synthband dpoint was formed in 1987 in Trollhättan, Sweden, and has been creating and performing ever since, with the original members Peter and Robert forming the backbone of the band.

The bands original influences was from classic synth gods like Kraftwerk and New Order, and also without a doubt also Depeche Mode. Over time, Peter and Robert’s heavy metal and hard rock influences coupled with a weird attraction to the late sixties and early seventies scene with the Velvet Underground and The Doors being introduced in the mix together with screaming guitars a lá The Jesus And Mary Chain which resulted in very odd live performances and a multitude of improvized recordings, few of which survive today.

Peter and Robert has since then taken their music back to the dance floor, but has in large kept their influences, although additions like David Holmes and, of course, the early Chemical Brothers can be spotted. This time, the shows are supported by multimedia screens to enhance the beats and Dpoint are proud the be able to tune each performance to cover a variety of electronic music, from introvert ambience to pumping beats and synth pop from an ancient past!