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Dr SMak

Sydney, Australia | Established. Jan 01, 2016 | SELF

Sydney, Australia | SELF
Established on Jan, 2016
Solo R&B Soul


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Patience is a hallmark for Steve Robert Makkar, aka Dr. SMak, (now 29) who has been patiently waiting for the right time to share his music and message with the world. Time has allowed the acquisition of enriching life experiences, a discovery of his unique musical identity and voice, and development of a clear visionary purpose for his music which will no doubt touch the hearts and minds of listeners. Dr. SMak’s music is contemporary R&B, soul, and hip-hop, infused with electronic elements and gospel-tinged vocals, reminiscent of today’s leading R&B artists such as Beyonce, Tinashe, Jazmine Sullivan, R. Kelly, Tank, Chris Brown, Alicia Keys and Rihanna. Dr. SMak blends catchy melodies with banging beats, interwovenintricate harmonies, and passionate vocals to create songs that capture varied and universal aspects of the human experience. His music is a diary, reflecting deep, uncensored thoughts, desires, and emotions that can at times be startling, risqué, and unexpected, but nonetheless familiar, comforting, and empowering to listeners.

Dr. SMak produces, and arranges each and every one of his songs, and consequently, each track is an authentic work of art, and a clear window into his psyche, memories and life experiences. This is directly evident in SMak’s upcoming release One by One, where he reflects about the insecurities and struggles of romantic relationships and basic human survival. Although each track tackles confronting themes, each is imbued with a message of empowerment and hope, and an overarching theme of self-belief, survival, and self-love.

In his forthcoming single “Assets”, SMak empowers listeners to use their God-given assets to overcome their financial struggle amidst an infectious hip-hop beat and hook. In “If You”, SMak announces an ultimatum - threatening to dole out punishment to his partner for imagined future transgressions. In “Paranoid”, SMak sings about how paranoia can ruin relationships and is often a projection of one’s own guilt. As demonstrated in “Go On”, SMak sings passionately and aggressively about ending a selfish, toxic relationship where trust and integrity has been breached. In the hard-hitting, R&B title track and second single “One by One”, SMak passionately promises vengeance for all those that damaged his sense of self-worth. SMak celebrates freedom from toxic relationships in “Move”, a funky disco track with an empowering message. SMak continues the theme of empowerment in the mid-tempo jam “Rise”, encouraging those in highly dependent, oppressive, and abusive relationships to regain their power, identity, and sense of life purpose. The LP ends with the very emotional “Ice Cold”, a dark track warning listeners to be wary about entering the brutal and challenging world of love and relationships.

The theme and sound of Dr. SMak’s music isinspired by his unique life experiences. Steve’s childhood and adolescent years were tough, growing up in a mixed race (Egyptian and Filipino) childhood, there were challenges knowing where he fit in. He experienced ostracism by young people on both sides and was often teased and picked on in school. As a result, Steve experienced many problems with depression, anxiety, and low self-esteem. Determined to overcome these problems, and to help other young people experiencing similar issues, SMak completed a PhD in clinical psychology. He is indeed well versed in understanding the human psyche which he powerfully conveys through his music. This understanding of basic human emotions adds to the universality of his music. Throughout his life, SMak realised that singing, writing, listening, and experiencing music was a powerful therapeutic tool to release negative thoughts and emotions, get passed toxic relationships, tough life setbacks, financial struggles, family tragedies, and loss. SMak also learned the power of music to heighten positive emotions, excitement, creativity, and prolong happiness.

“I strongly and passionately believe that music can cure and manage distress, change negative thinking, and empower people to be their best. Not only that, music can be so much fun, something we make love to, dance to, and get you moving… music not only gets you passed the negative, but puts you in an even more positive place of joy, happiness, and gratitude - I want to put all of this together in my music! – that’s my ultimate goal!”

Through “One by One”, SMak hopes to give listeners a music therapy session through R&B music. Each song conveys a common, universal struggle, and highlights the importance of staying true to oneself, regaining one’s sense of power, self-worth, inner-strength, confidence, and purpose, and choosing happiness over depression, anxiety, and misery. “I hope my music can be a cure to some degree for the pain and distress we endure each day”.

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