A future-world psychedelic party-jam super-partnership. Laptop gurgles and slinky synths joust with beats galore and fuzzy bass in a fast and furious fantasy realm. On stage the act is a dance party powered by live drums and an iPod.


DraculaZombieUSA are a group of nice young people. Will Schachterle sings and uses a laptop to kick out unique skitters and breaks. Travis Harrison plays drums with the mercilessness of a methamphetamined puma. Versatile Andy Ross plays bass, guitar, and sings. Danielle Pickett helps out with the vocals and the getting-down. On the stage the group is augmented by Bryan, Tina, Gena, Daniella and Mary who bring the party-time. At drum and bass tempos (Aphex Twin, Lightning Bolt, Death From Above 1979), they play psychedelic party jams (Daft Punk, LCD Soundsystem, Talking Heads) with fancy and fetching lyrics. They sing about space travel, the frustrations of fecklessness, and leading a colony of bears against a gang of medieval monsters. At their hyper live shows, our heroes are out to get everyone shaking it. Ask for some moon-walking- Will will bring it.

DraculaZombieUSA is currently a two headed hydra, with an East Coast Franchise led by Travis with Tina, Gena, Bryan, Mary and Daniella ransacking NY stages, and a West Coast Franchise with Will and Danielle crafting San Fran party jams all the live long day. Future DZuSA franchises are in the works including a British Annex led by David Bowie and a Valley Annex led by retired security-store owner Walter Sobchak.


the summer jam

Written By: dzusa, willy shakes

the summer jam goes like this “if you were a child of the sixties, then you’d be in your late fifties” and “these are your mom’s pictures, your hair’s not even like hers”


DraculaZombieUSA (SBR06)

Set List

The Summer Jam->
Tribal Interlude from "Walk In Perkins"->
I Like the Snow->
Bear Island->
Parallel Lives and Perperndicular Hi Fives->
I Need I Need Money Money Money->
Tennis Court Interlude from "Walk In Perkins"->
Beginning of the Universe Interlude->
Thomas Window Paine->
Bye Bye U-S-A! U-S-A!