these guys are LOUD AND TIGHT.parents love em,kids love em.they bring a fresh tone to modern metal. "its like being hit by a truck and liking it".


this band comes together to bring a raw simplicity back to a modern metal.the influences in this band range from motorhead blacksabbath,metallica, ac/dc,iron maiden,s.o.d.kiss,megadeth,, ect..... we have a wide varity of styles as musicians,
we are recognized as a no bull sh%t strait in your face hard rock/heavy metal. This band came together after years of difrent seperate musical stories.Art started a band with his brother duane and freind dwayne ,it never became anything other than guitar pratice,then at school art rememberd his freind sean ,pals in the kiss army Till death,started a little band they called "metal wolf"then when we got serious"cranium vex",mean while jerry was playing in a band called rizer in town,all of our freinds were in diffrent bands.pat came to town and was insantly snached up by a working party band.Over the years as we got our lives and families going,(still are) we did other things.We grew up and figured out we love making noisy music.so here we are and we wont go away. whatever you belive in,whatever makes you happy,enjoy your life,we all have it coming.DONT REGREAT A FUCKING THING!


we have been so busy .the new cd is awsome!!!!at least thats what kind of feed back we are getting.we are writing the new one as well and giging as much as we can.

Set List

we are currently doing opening sets of 30 to 60 min consisting of our original songs and no more than 2cover songs in our set, .SO THOSE OPENING SPOTS YOU HAVE NOT FILLED.... THATS US. have a quick spot for us that would be the coolest.!!