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Draft is an emrging Hip Hop lyricist from Atlanta, Ga. He has been rhyming since he was a child. Draft combines southern living with lyrics that convey another side of the Atlanta experience. draft has collaborated with artists like Royce Da 9'5, Skyzoo, Torae, Chaundon and Stimuli.


.Draft is an emrging Hip Hop lyricist from Atlanta, Ga. He has been rhyming since he was a child. Draft combines southern living with lyrics that convey another side of the Atlanta experience. Collectively his sound could be likened to a storyteller like Bill Withers merged smoothly with a 70s soulful melody and heavy 90s hip hop drums. Draft's climb has been steady and began with recording "Soul Food" with an up-and-coming producer in Atlanta, "The Beat Medic." The album pays tribute to the classic Atlanta album recorded by Goodie Mob. With the soulful production of the Beat Medic, Draft set out to put together a record that will be a classic hip-hop album. With guest appearances from Royce Da 9'5, Skyzoo, Torae, Chaundon and Stimuli, he reached his goal. "Soul Food" featured records that earned Draft his first radio airplay. Stations like 89.3 and 88.5 played Draft's records as apart of thier regular rotation.
After the success of "Soul Food" Draft moved on to perform around the city and continued to promote the album. He kept recording tracks and release many tracks via blogspots and websites that support his music. First quarter 2009 Draft released his follow-up EP "Forever Yung." The album featured the track "That's Us" which became the track for Draft's first music video. The is available on the web at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SHCL-os21PY, http://community.mtvu.com/Video/Draft--Thats-Us-ft-Sean-Emcee-Watch-in-HQ/09AF6FFFF01C0C35E001B00C2455D, and http://www.vimeo.com/3275989. The EP is available for download through Draft's myspace (myspace.com/draftisback). The album has ben recieved well and Draft is focus on promoting this EP and preparing a mixtape to be released this year also.


Party Till

Written By: Malcom "Draft" Hayes

1st verse-it goes me you , this bottle of patron, me you we can get it on, so ride wit me ya destiny's unknown, I cant take you to italy nor rome, or give you ice like snow cones, but i can put the zone, the zone, i got baby in my 2-3, i dont know what did it my fitted or my bruce lee's, i gotta admit it over women i dont lose sleep, the time i be spinning, could be winning wit a new freak, i dont like to waist it, i just run them like asics, make them feel basic when see the big faces, naw i aint famous don't lose ya cool, we can party all night, ill take you and you

chorus-lets two step it out, girl you know what im about, you should just give a n*gga a chance,(we can party till sun comes up and we can party till the sun comes up) we can party till the crack of dawn lets get it on u aint and i aint ya man (but we can party till the sun comes up we can party till the sun comes up)

Verse 2-when i step inside, i step in fly, got girls asking questions like who am i, let me tell these muthafuckas just who i be, its yung draft muthafucka the the peach state, and i keep cake homie i aint tricking, why take them out to eat if only wanna stick them, they all stay rifing, they all fall victim, im no family, im no griffrin, i dont need no kids ima party till the sunrise, in the corner of my eye i see something fly, im only trying to screw up like the cable guy, because if i take you out this party ima take u high, i can tell from across the room, she got her eyes on me while she talk to you, baby i aint famous dont lose ya cool, we gonna party all night ill take you and you

3rd verse-you would think i had wings, i dont drink red bull i just doing my thing,tryna get mommy in them true religion jeans, ima do the leg work so i can get up inbetween, but i treat me all like queens, ma shorty is a ten thats why i call the dream, and i aint gotta give her bling, it'll be a scary movie before i give her the ring, because i've been throught that, i've done it all before then i came right back, the time spent in love i could've banged out tracks, i ain't tryna sound jaded im just spitting the facts, im just saying relax because we aint gotta rush we can go half on a sack if you can split a dutch, ..............and party till the sun comes up


Forever Young Ep, Recieving airplay on local college radio.

Set List

That's us-1:56
Forever Young-2:27
So Good-2:27
Party Till-2:21