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"Eyes Wide Shut" is an eclectic collection of Jimmie's explorations of electronica under the moniker Dragatis Inside the Mind.The first single from"Eyes Wide Shut" is called "Frantic" and uses its instrumental trance flavors to explore the heady energies of the sexual encounters of lovers. With its lack of lyrics, the song, of course, lends itself to many interpretations. But regardless of a listener's take on the song, it's a formidable track. Focused but filling up the space, the song segues through stages of progress, always holding to its aesthetic of trance meets technilogic inorganica meets psy meets electronic melody. It's an evolving song where time collapses into a mating of futuristic and retro-based sensibilities … a cosmos expands from sound."It's a bit of a naughty contour for sex," says Jimmie. "It seems to explain the whole 'frantic' behavior we have in a very intense and passion-driven affair with a wife or girlfriend"
Jimmie has released two new discs titles are "Hallucinations" and "Take a Bite" (just in the past month) and can be purchased through his site the following links. These recordings capture the old beginnings re-mastered and the second generation of songs displayed on the "Take a Bite". The debut album("Eyes Wide Shut") has been very well received in Europe as expected because of it's very liberal and no holds bared attitude. The third generation of songs are what you would call a new evolution of dance/trance/hip hop....Jimmie is writing for this recording presently. The fourth and up and coming recording has such titles as "Penetrating Paris" and "If it Ain't Broken Break It" is due this 2010 year, but may be pushed back.



Jimmie Dragatis a musician of diverse tastes with an eclectic history in many genres – to show off his prowess in creating electronica. Even here, within the broad scope of electronic music, Jimmie reveals his diversity. Everything from downtempo to bright, melodic techno to world-tronica to trance is on display.
DRAGATRONIC is the new name established for the style of music that is composed and produced by Jimmie d.dragatis. Jimmie is realizing a dream in the works and wants to share it with you through his music and videos he creates. DRAGATIS inside the mind is the basic company name in which he has as the umbrella company. This company is responsible for the overall productions of music whether it be composing music for a T.V or Radio Commercial. DRAGATRONIC is the alter state in which Jimmie goes under for his popular music compositions.

Jimmie has been playing drums since he was five years old. Coupled with schooling in theory and a sheer drive, this experience have enabled him to open or perform with such acts as BO DIDDLEY AND BO DIDDLEY'S BAND, JEFF HEALEY, PRISM, TROOPER, GLASS TIGER, HONEYMOON SUITE, B.T.O, BELLAMY BROTHER'S, GOOD BROTHER'S, PATTI LOVELESS, MARK CHESNUTT, DR.HOOK, APRIL WINE, HEADPINS, BTO, HARLIQUIN, PLATINUM BLONDE, NICK GILDER SWEENEY TODD, ALFIE ZAPPACOASTA, JOHNER BROTHER'S, DWIGHT YOAKOM, ALABAMA, PRAIRIE OYSTER, FARMER'S DAUGHTER, POVERTY PLAINSMEN, BIG VALLEY CRAVEN, BIG VALLEY CAMROSE, BUD COUNTRY JAMBOREE. AND THE LIST KEEPS GROWING'!!!!!! Having performed rock, country, pop, dance and other types of music, Jimmie has a very versatile style and a hard work ethic. This also has enabled Jimmie to have been a part of demo session recording for a number of artists; Jimmie is the pulse of the bands he performs with and takes great pride in his craft. Jimmie’s showmanship shines through in every performance and he loves a rowdy party crowd. Musical influences include Buddy Rich, John Bonham, Steve Pocaro and Gene Krupa. Jimmie has performed with such acts as Old Stock, Pryde, 911, Journeyman, Silent Movies, Prisoner, Juno nominee and CCMA Winner Gurney Anderson, 3 time Aria Award nominee Tommy Rogers, charting songs on Canadian Music Charts. Has filled with such acts as Millions, Joyce Smith, Jimmy Orden, and even has filled in with Edmonton’s own "The Models" Jimmie has had the honour and privilege to play with Calvin Volrath, nephew Tyler Volrath, Tony Michaels and the "North American Fiddle Champion" Bruce Blair. Jimmie has opened for Bo Diddley with Looker and then joined Bo Diddley to perform his 75th Birthday tour gig. This lead to other tours with Mr.Diddley. It was the best and an absolute honour! Just recently he has performed with Canadian Classic Rock group Prism. Jimmie has been in the Edmonton music scene for 26 years playing anything from jazz to country, heavy metal to pop rock and swing to ethnic tradition music. He grew up heavily influenced by listening to Brazilian music and exotic Latin beats. This can be distinctly heard in his live performances.