Drag Day

Drag Day


Drag Day is a rock band from the Detroit area.


Drag Day formed in the fall of 2002. Chris (lead vocals and guitar) and Jeff (guitar and back up vocals) have been friends and band mates for several years. Dave (bass and back up vocals) knew Chris and Jeff from their college days at Michigan Tech and began playing with them right around the same time that Brian (Drums and back up vocals) met everyone.

We all came to Drag Day with various influences and musical backgrounds that contribute to our unique sound. We like music...all music. Some of the artists we listen to include (in random order): REM, U2, Pixies, Killing Joke, Foo Fighters, The Beatles, Rolling Stones, Lenny Kravitz, Marvin Gaye, Tool, De La Soul, Interpol, Secret Machines, Guided By Voices, Hum, Mock Orange


We finished our self-made, self-titled debut album in October 2004. We recorded in Jeff's basement studio (www.onetimerecords.com) Chris and Jeff mixed and mastered all the tracks, and Dave put together the artwork.

Set List

Our first album contains 12 original tracks: One Arm Too Long, Around You, Gun in the Cabinet, Floorshow, Catatonic, Never to Believe, All Dried Up, Life is for the Daring, Same for Now, Sleep All Day, Our Fair City, and Fall Away.

Recently we've been working on a bunch of new stuff and we currently have 14 new songs in various stages of completion.