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Get ready to hear what underground life is like. The pain. The joy. The clubs. The money. Ak Ryte at it's best.


I been doin this for a long time, partna. I started freestylin in the halls of Townview my junior year in '02. After that, I went on to start on my first tape "The Dragnet Revisions". The quality was ass so I gave it away in Dallas, Irving and Grand Prairie to build my buzz. After that I went on a hiatus in the military while still networking and doing other tapes. All the quality was ass so I never released any of those tracks. In '05, my producer Hump Dizzle of The Nu Age bought some real equipment and we started on my first real tape "Hook & Verses". I dropped that while stationed in VA and then backdoored it in '07 with "Hooks & Verses 2: For Da Love of Money" with my nigga Fame of G-Side Ent. After that I dropped a number of online mp3 compilations that can still be purchased on my soundclick page @ www.soundclick.com/dragnet. When I got out the military in July of '07 I utilized all the time I had been networking and returned home to Dallas to start working on my album. My single "Wet, Wet" along with my tapes had given me a nice fanbase in VA and people were asking for the album. So when I got to Dallas I teamed up with Big Sid of Playaz Choice Ent. and he guided me through the right steps to get my album going. I did a small cameo in the "Dial Tone (Oklahoma Remix)" video by $parkDawg of GreenCity and continued to network and focus on my album. By the beginning of November '07 the album was complete. So I began to focus on my label or trying to get signed. Niggas turned me down to the point it was no joke. So I teamed up with a nigga named Maxx Calzz from Killeen and we began to start Play Ryte Ent. However, due to disagreements, things went sour and I continued back as Ak Ryte Ent. I dropped my album on Feb. 12, 2008 and followed that up by dropping a number of mixtapes to help build my buzz. Now that I have a good amount of people who really know who I am, I am workin on 2 EPs, a street LP and my official 2nd LP.


Behind Closed Doors
The Dragnet Revisions
Hooks & Verses
Hooks & Verses 2: For Da Love Of Money
Dragnet .5
Afta Da Finals 2K7
We Some Moneygetters