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"Dragon, Carisma, Personalidad Y Un Gran Talento De La Musica"

Dragón comienza su trayectoria como DJ de artistas,
entre ellos están Naldo, Wibal y Alex, Bimbo, del
gueto, entre otros. Posteriormente se le ve tocando
en discotecas y haciendo mixeos. Cierto día Flow Family se
interesó por él y así empezaron sus primeros viajes; luego
viajó a España para trabajar tres discos con el Sr. Carlos Zerolo,
y eso lo convirtió en el primer productor de reggaetón en viajar
a Europa para hacer producciones.
Otro día recibió la llamada del productor de Sangre Nueva
Naldo. “Como nos conociamos creyó que yo era la persona
para correr sus shows”, dice. Naldo comienza a interesarse
en como Dragón hacía pistas y lo llevó al estudio de Nesty la
Mente Maestra, para que le hiciera toda la mezcla del concierto
de Sangre Nueva en Puerto Rico, ya que fue el DJ oficial del
Dragón ha trabajado como DJ en muchos programas de
TV incluyendo Sábados Gigantes, que apareció como DJ del
rapero Bimbo, el cual fui DJ toda la gira del disco 100 X 35,
y ha colaborado con leyendas de la musica como el Sr. Néstor
Torres (Latin Grammy Award winner).
Dragón ha viajado a paises como, México, Los Angeles,
Chicago, Orlando, Miami, Puerto Rico, España, Islas Canarias,
Italia, Rimini, Arezo, entre otros países. Desde muy pequeño
soñaba con poder expresarse ante un público que lo apoyara
y por eso compraba todos los ‘videos live’ que salían para
nutrir ese sueño.
Desde la edad de 14 comenzó a escribir y a encontrar su
estilo, salió en varias produciones y en todas fue el productor
de sus temas, y cantaba donde le dieran la oportunidad
ganándose el público con su carisma y su personalidad tan
En estos momentos tiene su estudio en Florida y trabaja
con varios artistas incluyendo nuevos talentos como productor
y cantante; está recibiendo varias ofertas de contratos, incluyendo
a WU-THANG LATINO y Daville Ent. Espera que su
estilo sea del agrado de todo el público. “Gracias por el apoyo”,
nos dice Dragón.
—Jerry Vargas
LA VOZ HISPANA • N.Y. DEL 2 AL 8 DE OCTUBRE DEL 2008 • http://www.myspace.com/lavozhispananewspaper
Sergio George con Jennifer López y Marc Anthony. - La Voz Hispana Newspaper

"Dragon #1 On Blastro.com Top Latin"

The New Face
It did not take long for Dragon to prove that as an independent, you can do more with less and this time around, he proves it clearly. Dragon launches his new video, "Yo Quiero Darte" at #1 on the Top Latin Charts on Blastro.com. Although Dragon is used to being in charge of his own creative music, it was amazing to him that he has remained on the top 5 daily requested video's for the past 4 weeks and that he has remained #2 and now #1 on the overall Top Latin chart. "This to me is a great move in the right direction", explains Dragon. "I have always wanted to control my career within every aspect of my music and finances. I decide what I want to record and with who. Daville Entertainment has been really good to me and i've been to NY, FL, California, Puerto Rico, New Jersey and shot my first video with Bimbo". Dragon is no stranger to working with big names. In fact, he was recently better known for his stage name - DJ DRAGON. as the former DJ to Wisin y Yandel, as well as Naldo and Wibal y Alex, Dragon is really no stranger to touring and performing. His underground hit - "Muerdela", was very big in Puerto Rico and had given him the ability to go solo with ease.

Be looking for the new album, which is currently being recorded under the Wu Latino imprint. Expect a new video and expect another creative album loaded with unexpected sounds and hard banging club vibes. For now, you can go to www.blastro.com to view the video. Leave him a comment on the video or visit him on his myspace at www.myspace.com/thenewfacedragon.
- Blastro.com

"Dragon releases New Video Featuring Bimbo"

Dragon history is nearly universal throughout the world's ancient cultures. How and where did this global concept originate? How did societies throughout the world describe and imagine these creatures in such uniformity and concept, if they did not witness these creatures during their lifetimes? Why are Dragon's so well followed in our time? Well, Dragons are said to have inhabited the earth long before man and Daville Entertainment is proud to announce their very own. Reggaeton sensation - Dragon - The New Face, has created a tremendous following and it is no secret now that the fire breathing lyricist is wrecking havoc in the Urban Latin genre. His rasp vocals and his fiery approach to the genre has given him the title that now defines his musical career.

Dragon, during the week of Nov 18th - Nov 24th, 2008, had well over 50,000 downloads on iTunes Latino and has now filmed his first video to "Yo Quiero Darte", the first single to the independent digital album - The New Face. The video and song features Reggaeton star - Bimbo, as well as vibrant new-comer, Gammy. The Video was directed by Mike Collado (Type 02 Productions) and was actually filmed at the Urban Latino Radio Studios in Brooklyn. "We plan to push the video hard and we also want to show the world the versatility that Dragon has as an artist and mostly as a producer", states Daville CEO, Ron Campbell. The video itself is only the first as it has been broken down into a 5 minute extended version that can be seen on YouTube and Myspace. The scenery and placement of the video shows Dragon being himself, which was very important.

Dragon has now toured the Album through NY performing at the Hispanic Heritage Festival, performing with Bimbo in Rockland County, NYC, The Bronx, as well as shows with Nicky Jam in Florida and is now scheduled to perform on Telemundo, The 116th Street Festival, The Puerto Rican Day Parade as well as El Carnaval Del Barrio and The Dominican Day Parade in NY and will have the video follow everywhere he goes. Dragon will also be featured as the Yahoo Musica / Revelacion Artist of The Month for the month of February/March. This is another great accomplishment for an independent Latin Urban artist. There is no reason to believe that Dragon's mystic will change and there is even no reason to think that the curiosity that follows Dragon now is any different, than that of the ancient cultures of past history. Dragon is a universal artist that seems to be rising with every move he makes. - www.Corrientelatina.com

"Dragon To Begin NYC Promo Tour and Video Shoot"

October 29, 2008 Virginia Beach, VA The time is now and Daville Entertainment is proud to announce that today, 10/28/2008, it will drop the first company release, Dragon - The New Face. The album is available on all Media Digital platforms today and the high expectations of this release can be put to rest. "It has been a long time coming and Dragon is extremely excited to get this project out to the public" States Daville Entertainment President, Anthony Gonzalez. There is no wonder why his former employers, Alex y Wibal as well as Naldo and Sangre Nueva have kept close tabs on what Dragon has been accomplishing.

As if his schedule were not busy enough at the present moment, Dragon, coming off his mini promo tour that included stints in NYC and opening shows for Nicky Jam in Tampa, Florida, Dragon will now make another trip to NYC to perform at several venues the weekend beginning December 4th. Dragon will also make stops at DTF Radio, The Yahoo.com studio, ESP51 Radio and Urban Latino Radio for interviews and will beginning shooting his first video for the single "Yo Quiero Darte" on the 6th of the same weekend. The video will star new young Latino actor, Kareem Savinon (Shine On, A Kiss of Chaos, Liberty Kid) and will be sponsored by Emerging Artist USA, Daville Entertainment and J&M Custom Ice.

Dragon has been making great strides to keep Reggaeton pure and to assure that the original style of the genre stays where it needs to be, in the streets and clubs of the young Latino community. He has not forgotten the great sacrifices that he has made to get to where he is and his new album expresses the passion that the genre first began with. As he continues to work hard, expect to hear the next project, an exclusive EP for iTunes Latino, in stores at or around February of 2009. Rumor has it that the special features on this album may even make it better than The New Face. Only time will tell.

For Booking Information:

Anthony Gonzalez, Jr.

President, Daville Entertainment.

Phone: 347-653-1070

PR Info: Maria Morales

CEO, Emerging Artist, USA

718-234-1932 - www.latinflow305.com


2 Singles Currently Servicing.
"Yo Quiero Darte" Feat. Gammy
"Si Ellos Me Tiran" Feat. Bimbo
Album Dragon "The New Face" Avail Now On All Digital Platforms.
"Pompea" On Wu Latino Presenta La Familia Album.
"Muerdela" On Los Duros Del Reggaeton and on Los Guerreros Del Reggaeton Albums.



DRAGON The New Face

Nelson Rodriguez Bonew aka Dragon, began his impressive career when he was just 14. Dragon comes from a long list of family musicians that include his uncle, who was a Rock Bass player and his grandfather, who was a Tango singer. However, his major influence was his mother who was a Latin gospel singer. As Dragon began to gain interesting in singing, his heart began leading him into composing music and producing music. As time went on, Dragon began to meet various artists such as Reggaeton stars Alex y Wibal. With them Dragon began a career as a DJ. Becoming Alex y Wibal’s DJ and touring with the popular group gained Dragon recognition and a much stronger passion to become a producer. While on tour, Dragon had the opportunity to meet Reggaeton sensations, Luny Tunes while at the studios for the Mas Flow Family. While at the studios, Dragon’s career began to blossom and he immediately became familiar with the Reggaeton genre. However, his career as a producer was just getting started. Learning the mixes and complex sounds of the genre became natural. Dragon began to develop a style of his own. It was at this time that Naldo, of Sangre Nueva, began to take notice of Dragon’s rare and raw talent. Naldo worked with Dragon on refining his sound and provided Dragon with production opportunities. He also allowed Dragon to go on tour with the group and provided Dragon with features on albums such as “Los Duros Del Reggaeton”, where Dragon scored his first hit “Muerdela”.

On January 2nd, 2007, Dragon became a proud father. With parenthood on hand, Dragon decided to return to music at a later date and decided to move his family away from the Island of Puerto Rico for greater opportunities. His commitment to his family was the most important thing to him and he wanted to prove that he was more than a musician to his newborn son. However, Dragon new that he would pursue his music career at a later date in the states and that opportunity came sooner than later. While settling in Miami Florida, Dragon was noticed by the up and coming Daville Entertainment Management and the world renowned Wu-Tang Latino. While signing with Daville Entertainment Management, Dragon submitted a single for Wu Tang Latino called “Pompea”. The single immediately gained the attention of Anthony Gonzalez, VP of Operations for Wu Tang Latino. The single was included in the groundbreaking “Wu Latino Presenta La Familia” compilation album, which was released in May 2008 and became a top 5 single on the album. With two great singles under his belt and a remix for Calle 13 and Toby Love, Dragon could not get away from his dream of becoming a great producer and now, performer. Soon after, Dragon began work on his first solo album. Today, Dragon remains grateful for all the opportunities given to him and acknowledges that he is nothing without the support of his public and fans. His new album, The New Face, which is due to be released at Summer’s end, is going to be a new mix of Latin Urban Reggaeton that will certainly help carry the Reggaeton / Latin Urban genre into a new era. Dragon’s commitment to excellence with his music is his passion and his dream is to continue to work and produce for other artists in the genre. His new deal with Daville Entertainment excites him and he is ready to show the world and all his fans that he is here for one thing, great music.

Spanish Bio:
Nelson Rodriguez Bonew (AKA) Dragon, comienza su carrera cuando tenia 14, influenciado por su tio que era baterista de rock y su abuelo cantante de tango, su madre le enseno como cantar ya que ella es cantante de musica gospel, ala misma ves toma dotes unicos tanto de productor y cantante, al paso del tiempo conoce a varios artistas del genero de reggaeton como Wibal y Alex, con ellos empieza su carrera como dj de espectaculos a la misma vez por los artistas conoce a luny y tunes en los estudios de mas flow y ve la magia por primera vez de como producir su genero poco a poco fue viendo y aprendiendo tecticas de mezcla y produccion y desarollandose en ese campo, Trabaja varios Discos que salen al mercado latino tales como; Los Duros del Reggaeton el cual produjo su tema (Muerdela) y fue el interprete y escrito, Reggaeton pal barrio y varios mas, Luego conoce a Naldo de sangre Nueva Music, Naldo le hace el acercamiento de trabajar con el en sus shows como dj la cual le permite ir a estudios y desarrollar mas su carrera, Naldo ve en el un oido unico y le permite ayudarlo s producir varios trabajos, como las promos del concierto de sangre nueva y fue dandole consejos para llevar al maximo su calidad musical, El dia 2 de enero del 2007 nace su hijo Derick jay que es la luz de sus ojos y Dragon decide dejar su isla Puerto Rico para buscar un mejor futuro y penso en un renunciar a su musica, en ese entonces conoce a varias companias como Wu-tang Latino, Amire Production: Las cuales se interesan en sus trabajos tanto Artisticos como de produccion y d